RingCentral Office

Microsoft®Outlook Integration

Initiate calls, messages* and faxes to your contacts within Microsoft Outlook.

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Feature benefits:

Consolidate voice, messages, and fax directly into Outlook

  • Make calls, send faxes or internal messages directly to your contacts within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Share information by forwarding message attachments by email to clients or employees.
  • Click to call numbers from your Outlook contact list, email signatures, Web pages, or documents.

Send faxes directly from any Microsoft Windows® application

  • Simply choose RingCentral Internet Fax from your list of printers.
  • Send fax documents by email — just attach docs to an email to the recipient's 10-digit fax number @rcfax.co.uk.

Automatically identify callers as Outlook contacts

  • See and hear the names of Outlook contacts who call or fax when using RingCentral Mobile app or Desktop app.
  • The Auto-Receptionist will read Outlook contact names before accepting calls.
  • Choose to have the Auto-Receptionist bypass screening for Outlook contacts.




How do I install Microsoft Outlook integration?

  • To get Microsoft Outlook integration, as well as integrated fax, download and install the RingCentral for Desktop app, a complete desktop solution for calls, messages, faxes, conferencing and online meetings.

What are the system requirements for installing Microsoft Outlook integration?

The system requirements for Microsoft Outlook integration are as follows:

  • Windows 7 and 8
  • 1 GHz (32-bit) or 2 GHz (64-bit) processor
  • Minimum of 512 MB of memory
  • 200 MB of hard drive space
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later

How can I dial my Outlook contacts from Outlook?

  • By enabling the Outlook Integration from your RingCentral desktop app, a RingCentral add-on will appear on your Outlook menu. Simply click on any phone number within Outlook or click on the RingCentral tab to select your options (make a call, send a fax or message). RingCentral Desktop App is automatically launched to fulfill your selection. (Outlook integration is only available for Windows and so only available with RingCentral for Desktop app for Windows).

Can I send faxes straight from Microsoft Office applications?

  • Yes. Because RingCentral is integrated with Microsoft Office, you can send a fax directly from any Microsoft Office toolbar, such as Word or Excel in addition to Outlook.

How can I open my voicemail and faxes from Outlook?

  • If someone dials your RingCentral number and leaves a voicemail or fax for you, you can open it from Outlook.
  • Voicemail and faxes can be sent to you as email attachments in your Outlook inbox or to any email account you're using.
*Refer to RingCentral Messaging for more details