Gamification Revisited: The Masterclass with ClearView

ClearView explains strategy for gamification

At the Call and Contact Centre Expo for 2018, ClearView will take the stage to explain their strategy for gamification, and how it can transform ROI.

The Call and Contact Centre Expo is just around the corner, with dates established on the 21st and 22nd of March this year. If you’re lucky enough to have your tickets already for 2018, you’re sure to encounter some inspirational talks, insightful speeches, and plenty of powerful experiences within a hub of contact centre innovation.

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ClearView, who are one of the market leaders in innovative call centre features, provide the advanced analytics technology for the RingCentral Contact Centre product. At the Call and Contact Centre Expo, ClearView President Paul Liljenquist will be taking to the stage to discuss the concept of gamification, and how this often-overlooked strategy could be the key to transforming your ROI results.

Introducing Paul Liljenquist

When ClearView first came to life, it was a technology solution offering reporting and engagement services to Paul’s pre-existing BPO company, Focus Services. Six years ago, the organisation decided to commercialise the ClearView product and bring it to market.

“At first, we started off strictly with a reporting platform. With that product, we could aggregate data across disparate data, and the more information we gathered, the more we began to discover the benefits of real-time data for improving call centre agent performance.”

By aggregating the right data, Focus Services was able to utilise ClearView to begin driving meaningful change within the companies they worked with. “We began to see which behaviours drove an organisation, where agents could improve their performance, and the natural next step was to gamify those opportunities and create an environment that incentivised people to change their behaviour.”

Gamification and the current contact centre

Paul’s session “Gamification Revisited: Gimmick or Game Changer” will run between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on the 22nd of March and cover the “dos and don’ts” of successful gaming in the contact centre space. “The problem with gamification in the call centre now is that people still see it as a gimmick. They don’t implement it in the right way, so they don’t see the right ROI.”

ClearView and Paul hope to educate people on gaming best practices, by using technology to look at different systems, gain diagnostic data, and come up with prescribed gaming solutions that are designed specifically for each unique business. The session will include a look at the ROI results seen by an inContact customer after they began to implement their own successful gaming strategy.

“We believe that gamification is the true development of an agent. While the purpose of playing a game is in part to win rewards, it’s also about improving the potential of the gamer and making them better at what they do.”

Discovering the value of “playing the game”

ClearView’s perspective on gamification asks contact centres to take a personalised approach to transforming and incentivising agent progression with an in-depth view of real-time data and pain points. With RingCentral Contact Centre’s gamification, powered by ClearView, companies will be able to adjust their gaming strategy to deliver the perfect balance between challenge and fun, reading the needs of each agent and ensuring complete contact centre engagement.

“The science that goes into our gamification strategies is why we see so much success in our process. In the session, we’re going to be looking at the five key principles of powerful gaming and dispel the notion once and for all that gaming is just a gimmick.”

To learn more about Paul’s session, or to discover the other experiences lined up for this year’s Call and Contact Centre Expo, visit the website here:


    Paul is the President/Partner of Focus Services and ClearView. He lives in Bountiful, Utah with his lovely wife and seven children. He loves being a husband, father, and coach. Family activities include camping, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, triathlons, and Spartan races. He is also a huge college football fan and loves attending BYU games. Paul earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. He is fully bilingual in English and Chinese.