The Best Unified Communications Features to Look for

The best features of Unified Communications (UC) to look out for

With a recent survey stating that 98% of executives consider a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication to be the main cause of failures in business, finding an appropriate unified communications (UC) solution to remedy this has become a top priority for business owners—but what features should they be looking for?

With reports projecting the market to reach a whopping $96 billion by 2023, the world of UC shows no signs of slowing down and will clearly play an important role in the future of business. Click To Tweet

However, as the market grows, so too does the competition, making it much more difficult for businesses to choose between the endless number of providers on the market, each claiming their product is the best.

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With this in mind, we have written a brief overview of all the crucial features businesses should look for when choosing their UC solution.

Cloud deployment

Unified Communications (UC) solution deploy through the cloud

Without a doubt, the rise of cloud technology has been the single most important development in business communications over the last decade with a reach that covers (to name a few) telephony, infrastructure, security, platform development, and, for the purposes of this article, unified communications.

With a solution like unified communications as a service (UCaaS), businesses are able to deploy their UC solution through the cloud, where it is stored and maintained in ultra-secure, state-of-the-art data centres that can be accessed on any device and from any location with a working internet connection.

Call management

Unified Communications (UC) features complete call management

Another thing businesses should be sure to look for when choosing their UC solution is high-quality call management features. At its very core, a UC solution should offer an abundance of call management features such as CRM integration, click-to-dial, call forwarding, call recording, call logging, missed call notifications, and many more all in one place to ensure each agent can access all the information they need from a single location.


With the presence feature, agents are able to quickly update their status (online, busy, away, in a meeting, etc.) to let others know if they are able to communicate, and can clearly update themselves on the status of others. This way, no time is spent waiting for calls or messages to be answered, and teams can organise their time more efficiently.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is fast becoming the preferred form of communication for the Millennials that have grown up in a consumer world that communicates predominantly through popular IM apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Chat.

Ideal for speed, simplicity, and familiarity, the popularity of IM will undoubtedly increase as time goes on, so choosing a UC solution that supports it now is a wise investment for the future.

Unified messaging

Though ‘keeping all your eggs in one basket’ is typically associated with negative results, for unified communications, this is exactly what businesses want. With a unified messaging feature, users can access their voice, video, email, IM, and more all from a single programme, thus saving hours of time spent flicking back and forth between various sources.


Conference calling and video conference calling are valuable features to consider when choosing a UC solution and can save businesses a great deal of time and money by reducing transportation costs and allowing users to hold meetings from any location at the click of a button.

Team collaboration tools

With team collaboration tools such as RingCentral Glip, users can utilise all of the above features in a single interface window and are able to collaborate more rapidly and naturally than ever before.

Built specifically to harness the sporadic nature of the creative spirit, team apps allow users to share ideas and information at any time they wish through a number of different platforms without ever having to open another programme.

BYOD Support

Choosing a UC solution that supports bring your own device (BYOD) increases user mobility, improves collaboration, reduces hardware and maintenance costs, and tackles low user adoption rates. Moreover, in a recent TrackVia survey, it was revealed that as much as 80% of employees now use personal technology for business for the comfort, familiarity, and efficiency it offers.

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