Frequently asked questions

How long has RingCentral Contact Centre been around?

In 2015, RingCentral partnered with inContact, the leading contact centre management solution since 2001.

Can I get real-time views of my calls, agents, and customers?

Yes, you get comprehensive, real-time and historical dashboard information and reporting on all calls and interactions across all supported channels.

I have a different PBX, can I still purchase RingCentral Contact Centre?

Though we support a fully integrated service, RingCentral Contact Centre can be supported independently. Though we believe that an integrated RingCentral Contact Centre and RingCentral Office solution provides the most value for the customer, Contact Centre is still supported with most third-party PBX systems.

Do you support other modes besides voice?

Yes, in addition to voice, we also support chat, fax, email and social.

Can your IVR integrate into my cloud or on-premise database?

Yes, we have out-of-the-box integrations with platforms like SFDC, but we help support other database applications as well.

Do you have a web-based client?

RingCentral Contact Centre is a web-based application supported on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows, and OS X.

Do you support remote agents?

Yes, your agents can be anywhere in the world.

How many agents can I have at once?

The system can support up to 5,000 agents in a single business unit. There is no limit to the number of businesses we can support.

Can I port my existing contact centre numbers?

Yes, and we have a dedicated porting team that will assist you with the transition.

Can I build custom reports?

Yes, an integrated custom-report builder is included. CDR data is also exportable to the application of choice.

Does RingCentral Contact Centre allow me to monitor and interact with agent calls in real time?

Yes, we have monitor, barge, and whisper capabilities.

Does RingCentral Contact Centre support call recording?

Yes, full-time and on-demand call recording is available.

What is the cost of upgrading to MAX (My Agent eXperience™)?

MAX is a free upgrade to your existing Thin Agent user interface.

How do I upgrade my existing Agent client to MAX?

Simply log in to your profile and select “Launch Agent”, then select “MAX”.

Which browsers can I use with MAX?

MAX is browser agnostic and can be used on current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Will the Thin Agent be removed from my profile once I upgrade?

No, it will be available as an option. We will provide sufficient notice as to when it will be removed. 

Will my personal settings be removed if I upgrade to MAX?

No, your settings will transfer. However, we do suggest that you review them after switching to MAX.