Everything you need to run your business in one robust and reliable cloud communications solution.

With omnichannel capabilities supporting all digital channels, you can provide customer service where it matters most to your customers.
Inbound voice
Whether you have soft or hard phones, your contact centre agents can provide fast answers to customer questions.
Outbound voice
Various types of diallers help you optimise your outreach strategy and reach your customers or prospects when it matters for them and your business.
Leverage the power of asynchronous messaging for continuous conversations so customers can start a conversation on the web and pick it up later on a mobile device.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp 
  • SMS + MMS
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Google’s Business Message
  • Engage Messaging
Social media
Sort and manage incoming interactions from social media networks.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
Live chat
Allow web visitors to initiate a chat or trigger them using behavioural targeting and provide agents with historical data to personalise the experience.
Manage large volumes of incoming emails and track, process, and control the categorisation of messages received and the quality of replies sent.
Offer messaging capabilities directly within your iOS or Android app so you can support customers natively within your app when they have questions so you can deliver a better customer experience on mobile devices.
Aggregate reviews from Google Play and Google My Business to analyse trends, contribute to conversations, and respond to product, service, or sales enquiries
Be ready for whatever channel your customers are on next with SDKs to connect to any digital channel.
RingOut enables one-touch calling from any phone or internet-enabled computer.
With intercom, you can make announcements via desk phones to colleagues across all your office locations.
Paging lets you make real-time, one-way announcements to multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices.
Shared lines
Share one phone number across multiple phones, and answer calls from any phone.
Answering rules
Give your business phone system the flexibility to work according to any hours of operation schedule. Based on a range of options, answering rules can route calls for your company’s main number as well as for individual extensions and mailboxes.
Internet fax
Send and receive faxes from your computer, mobile device, Microsoft Outlook®, cloud storage providers (such as Dropbox™), and more.
Voicemail-to-email sends voicemail messages in emails so you can listen to them on the go.
Visual voicemail
Visual voicemail allows you to easily manage voicemails in your online account, on your PC or Mac, and even on your mobile device with the RingCentral app.
Phones accessories, devices, and service
Our cloud phone service offers widespread business support as it can be easily administered across all your locations, incorporates all your users, includes diverse calling options, and integrates smoothly with your preferred device.
Intelligent routing
Resolve issues faster by getting customers to the right agent the first time for faster resolution.
Omnichannel routing
Let customers reach out to you on the channel that’s most convenient for them at any given moment.
Skills-based routing
Ensure customers get to the best matched resource based on the agent skill set for each interaction and customer needs.
AI digital routing
Machine learning automatically understands a message's intent and routes digital messages along with artificial intelligence that can recognise 72 different languages as well as intent, text semantics, message types (public or private), email metadata, and other information.
Voicemail routing
Provide customers with the option of leaving a message or receiving a call back later, allowing for routing and queuing to ensure all callers are prioritized properly.
Data-driven routing
Open APIs to retrieve data from backend and CRM systems to make smarter connections and build customer relationships.
Do more with less effort through automation. Let customers help themselves and use virtual assistants to manage up to 70% of interactions.
Enable your customers to perform routine operations over the phone by themselves and clarify customer needs for more personalised service.
Virtual hold
Instead of having customers waiting in a queue, offer the option to call them back while keeping their place in the queue.
Automate simple queries with virtual assistants to handle simple, common questions or gather information upfront automatically via chatbots and transfer the interaction to an agent with the full context.
Call deflection
Programme your IVR to offer alternate digital ways of communicating instead of waiting in a queue.
Dialling enables your organisation to reach out to your customers or prospects. Scaling up requires intelligent management of your lists and dialling strategies.
Outbound diallers
Increase sales with efficient dialling modes: predictive, proactive, and progressive diallers offer different options to maximise performance, reduce pauses, and help you with risk mitigation.
Campaign management
Increase sales by knowing who to contact and when, and manage retries and preferred channels.
Call blending
Make sure your customers can call you back, and prioritize callbacks over other outbound calls to maximise business outcome.
Compliance risk mitigation
Call during authorised times, and avoid over-dialling by running efficient campaigns with the right controls in place. Agent scripting helps agents with disclaimers they need to read to customers. Scrub your list against the National Do Not Call registry.
Manual system and TCPA risk mitigation
Leverage physically separated systems without automated dialling functions to call cell phone numbers.
List management
Merge lists, remove duplicates, re-shuffle lists, and add new hot leads on top of a list to maximise speed to dial.
Workforce management and optimisation
Two-thirds of the cost of running a contact centre is labour and agent support, and now you can get the most out of your investment with workforce optimisation tools.
Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)
A single administrative environment to improve overall agent satisfaction, reduce churn, and help you build better customer relationships.
Workforce management (WFM)
Optimise agent schedules to maximise coverage and minimise idle time so customers are not left in the cold during peak times and agents are not idle during quiet times.
Performance management
Analytics to anticipate trends and customer needs. Track contact centre performance with dashboards that showcase data from your CRM and other sources.
Quality management
Feedback, coaching, and measurements improve agent performance. Listen to call recordings, watch screen recordings, and use forms for consistent agent reviews and grading.
Give agents challenges, badges, and prises while you gain immediate feedback on how everyone is performing relative to the rest of the team.
Supervisor tools
Better manage your contact centre performance with tools to monitor individual performance for coaching and feedback.
Screen recording
Provide feedback to agents on how they should navigate your systems to optimise performance.
Speech and text analysis
Spot customer trends, issues, and changes quickly by reviewing customer conversations for key topics and phrases.
Coaching and learning tools
Schedule, deliver, and track coaching, which is integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores and KPIs.
Dual listening
Trigger dual listening with new agents or when a task is taking too long to complete. View the entire conversation and context, and leave comments or take control by responding on the agent’s behalf.
Call recording
Record all calls to gain insight into agent performance and the customer experience while improving agent coaching.
Silent monitoring
Silently monitor calls to keep a pulse on agent performance. Whisper or barge-in to help them through the interaction.
Agent tools
Drive agent productivity with tools that help them resolve customer enquiries faster and provide better customer experiences.
Remote agents
Anywhere your agents can get browser access to the internet becomes a place where customer support or sales can happen.
Build scripts for agents to follow so your brand is consistent every time you interact with customers, and help with onboarding and training on new products or offers.
Transfer and approval
When a customer interaction requires escalation, it’s easy to transfer to another agent or supervisor or get approval to send a reply on the spot.
Availability status
View other agents' availability and set your own so you know who is available if you need to transfer to another agent or initiate a conference to solve the customer issue.
See what your customers see on your website. Walk them through forms and web pages when needed to assist your customers better.
Dynamic reply assistance
When typing a reply, your agents are prompted with automatic suggestions based on channel, message category, and language. Response templates can contain dynamic fields to be automatically populated with your customers’ details.
Identity merge
Automatically detect customers’ different digital identities across channels using contact records. Merge customer profiles and identities to provide a full view of past interactions to your agents.
Set up and manage your contact centre controls with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require IT every time you need to change settings.
Agent skill
Easily assign skills to your agents to be used during skills-based routing for better routing when a customer enquiry comes in for billing or technical questions.
SLAs by channel
Define your SLAs by any channel so you can monitor performance across several touchpoints to ensure you’re delivering the best customer experience.
Seasonal scaling
Quickly and easily add or reduce capacity to ensure your customers get the best possible service even during the busiest times.
Easy admin
Respond to changing conditions without IT assistance with easy-to-use administration tools.
IVR Designer
Drag and drop to easily set up your IVR, qualify your customer enquiries, retrieve data from third-party systems, and record announcements on the fly.
Scripting Designer
Use the drag-and-drop designer to help agents during their interactions with customers. Keep your scripting up to date with your ever changing business needs by updating it as many times as you want with no coding necessary.
Visualise your contact centre performance, run root cause analysis, and slice and dice data to make better business decisions.
Prebuilt reports
Get the information you need on agent performance and the customer experience with the most important and targeted predefined reports like AHT, FCR, and more.
Analytics and dashboards
Get an instant snapshot of how your team is performing and what your customers are experiencing.
Omnichannel analytics
See the full customer journey across all channels and gain insight into agent performance on any channel.
Get access to Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Customer Effort Scores, general satisfaction ratings, and more.
Identify ambassadors and detractors
Quickly identify customers that are your brand champions and those that are detractors so you can take corrective action.
Business intelligence integration
Get the big picture of what’s happening in the business with BI integration to merge data from other sources.
Open API-driven connections into any backend system to help you tailor your solution and build the contact centre solution you need.
Prebuilt CRM integrations
Personalise the customer experience and drive agent productivity with prebuilt CRM integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk, Sugar, and others.
Other CRM integrations
Open APIs to collect data from your homegrown CRM or any other external backend application to enrich messages with customer information like background information, purchase history, open tickets, etc.
Screen pops
Provide agents with critical customer information when the interaction is delivered  to help them close a deal or provide a positive customer experience.
Click to call
Experience one-click calling from within your CRM interface. Benefit from focused and fast calling to increase sales or help solve customer issues.
Get the flexibility to integrate with any system to support any workflow with our powerful APIs.
App Gallery
Check out the RingCentral App Gallery to view all integrations available.
Work better together. With a UCaaS integration, you can connect agents to subject matter experts and anyone else in the organisation to help drive better customer experiences.
Support your agents with easy collaboration with the rest of the company. With team messaging, video meetings, and calling, provide fast access to experts across the entire company to help answer difficult questions.
Seamlessly move customers from local offices to your contact centre and benefit from extension-to-extension dialling to conference in or transfer to experts.
Shared directory
Give your agents the ability to see who is available across the entire company to maximise efficiency when reaching out to an expert. Other employees will also be able to see the availability of your agents.
Get access to Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Customer Effort Scores, general satisfaction ratings, and more.
Identify ambassadors and detractors
Quickly identify customers that are your brand champions and those that are detractors so you can take corrective action.
Business intelligence integration
Get the big picture of what’s happening in the business with BI integration to merge data from other sources.
Security and compliance
Flexible, scalable, and secure contact centre solutions ensure you’re up and running safely and prepared for anything.
Feel safe knowing that all of your data is protected with powerful encryption capabilities.
Active failover
Rest assured that your system will not go down, even if an entire data centre is taken out of service.
Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
At RingCentral, we back up our commitment to your business with the highest levels of availability.
Disaster recovery
Hurricane, blizzard, earthquake… when agents can work from anywhere, no matter what happens to your office, your contact centre will continue to run.
Permission-based access
Your system administrator controls user access. Every user of the system is given access to just the capabilities they need.
Rest assured that you have chosen a trusted partner whose solutions are compliant with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, CPNI, and many other security standards.
Secure VoIP service
RingCentral provides secure, reliable VoIP service that empowers your workforce to make and receive calls anywhere internet access is available.
Single Sign-on
Users can log in to RingCentral automatically with their corporate credentials. Reduce the IT cost of assisting users with password recovery and benefit from a central authentication point that securely accesses your RingCentral service from any device.
Roles and permissions
Enable your admins to assign roles to users and grant permissions to access RingCentral. Gain the flexibility to select or define roles to help speed up the onboarding process and enforce your company's security policy.
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Get quick and easy access to all your RingCentral services with the RingCentral app for mobile and desktop. Seamlessly transition between phone calls, video meetings, and team chats, making you and your team more connected, focused, and productive.
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