Agent Retention and “Amazing” Customer Experience in the Cloud Contact Centre

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Arto Keshishian talks about cloud and Customer Experience (CX) with RingCentral

Arto Keshishian talks cloud and Customer Experience (CX) with RingCentral. We’ll be talking about cloud contact centres at the upcoming Call & Contact Centre Expo on Thursday the 22nd of March. Here’s what Director Arto Keshishian has to say.

The upcoming Call & Contact Centre Expo on the 21st and 22nd of March will be a hub of innovation and inspiration for companies experiencing digital transformation in the contact centre space. For Arto Keshishian, Channel & Partners Director EMEA, NICE inContact, a cloud-based contact centre, is a key ingredient for amazing customer experience and better agent retention.

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Leveraging the cloud in contact centres

RingCentral’s session at the Call & Contact Centre Expo, entitled “Leveraging Cloud Contact Centre for Improved Agent Retention and Amazing Customer Experience”, will address the fact that many companies in the marketplace are still struggling with aging legacy systems, unable to accomplish the agile feats required by modern consumers.

“The average customer needs to wait in lengthy call queues, repeat the same information, and struggle to get a response. We’re exploring how businesses can make that transition away from the old way of doing things, into the future of better customer satisfaction.”

According to Arto, the impact a business has on their end customer experience is directly related to the happiness of their contact centre agent. Recent research shows that having a happy agent means that you can engage more effectively with customers, which is why they’re providing a 360-degree view on their speech, of how to manage agent attrition, retention, and customer satisfaction.

What are the key takeaways for the session?

Arto will be going through a complete overview of the evolution of customer experience. He’ll be setting the scene with an insight into how the marketplace has evolved, the issues with silos in the industry, and how the workplace needs to transform.

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“We believe that the market is evolving. Cloud is becoming more mature in every aspect of a business. In the session, we’ll be homing in on the relevance of cloud to customer experience and workforce retention, as we find these are the most prominent needs of today’s companies.”

Arto will also be addressing how brands can build a more efficient contact centre using the cloud, with tips on paths to migration, and which elements are most important for a better customer experience. There will also be some information on RingCentral’s cloud contact centre solution, like sentiment analysis and contextual communications.

Adopting a model of agile transformation

The brands in the digital world that are still using older systems for their businesses could be left behind if they’re not willing to make a change. Companies end up getting locked into systems that simply can’t thrive in the modern age, but the cloud delivers the key to agility. With a cloud contact centre, businesses can be flexible, scalable, and ready to move.

“We believe in open standards and open systems. We were born in the cloud, and we’ve evolved to an enterprise-class level, with systems designed with security and scalability from the ground up. Today, we’re a global leader in the cloud contact centre, and we’re ready to help businesses make their transition into the future.”

Arto Keshishian


    Arto has 30 years experience in the IT industry, primarily working in a sales and marketing role. He is currently the Channel & Partners Director EMEA of NICE inContact. He is an effective communicator and team player with excellent customer/partner facing skills up to board level. He has a track record of successfully developing multi-disciplinary win-win partnership models for business.

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