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Atos and RingCentral: From Contract to Launching Eight Countries in Seven Months

I was warned that working for a high growth, high tech company would push me in ways I’d never experienced before. The last seven months have been an incredible sprint in understanding what true cloud SaaS agility and speed really means.

What have we been doing for the last two quarters on the RingCentral EMEA team? We developed a fully repackaged managed services software product, with our full Global Office capabilities of supporting native PBX in 40+ countries, 100+ local phone numbers and 10 local languages, ready for sale in eight European countries…from contract to launch in seven months. It’s safe to say the working team on Atos Unify Office by RingCentral are thrilled, inspired, excited and exhausted all at the same time!

What is the product? RingCentral and Atos have partnered to create Unify Office, a born-in-the-cloud digital first solution that offers next-generation messaging, video, and phone services. It can be activated instantly and provides global enterprise grade security and reliability. 

End-to-end managed services are key to the service wrap making Atos Unify a disruptive UCaaS offering for discerning customers. Atos are business technologists, and their five business divisions all work openly and collaboratively together in the pursuit of a single goal: to power progress for customers.

What’s the news today? Unify Office by RingCentral has launched in Deutschland! Europe’s largest market finally has access to the latest and greatest in UCaaS technology and with some special add-ons they might find appealing.

What’s unique about our German proposition?

Atos Unify Office German customers will have their data stored in Germany through our newly launched Frankfurt data center, wrapped in seven layers of application security.

German businesses, agencies, and governments can move faster and embrace cloud technology, while resting assured that key data resides securely within Germany. Our Frankfurt data center enables more local organisations to take advantage of cloud communications to enhance the customer experience while controlling customer data. The data center in Frankfurt removes barriers to innovation for industries with high data security requirements, while providing in-Germany failover, including the same 99.999% uptime trusted SLA that customers around Germany have come to expect from Atos. German data residency is a default setting for all Atos Unify Office customers. Contact your Atos Account Manager for more details on this offering.

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In relation to application security, data in a cloud environment can be secured with as much confidence as data in a closed enterprise network, provided the system is equipped with appropriate protective measures and is well maintained. With seven layers of application security, Atos Unify Office gives you added peace of mind by instituting robust security measures at every level of the architecture and processes. These include the physical, network, host, data, application, and business processes, as well as the enterprise level of your organisation.

In uncertain times, Atos is offering business customers some certainty that their businesses can keep operating in a cost-effective, secure and efficient manner. By servicing both business and IT decision makers equally, Atos helps decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) and mitigate risk from global implementation while increasing end-user value and productivity.

Atos Unify Office launched officially into the market for customers in France, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain on 31 August 2020 and in Germany on 30 September 2020. UK, Australia and USA launches will be in Q4 2020. 

Visit the Atos website for more information.


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    Ashima Bhatt is an EMEA Product Marketing & GTM Manager for RingCentral, the leader in cloud communication and cloud contact centre technologies. Ashima is responsible for driving a comprehensive product marketing playbook built around foundational go-to-market pillars; strategic messaging, content & programme development, events/webinars, digital presence and content assets. She is a passionate cloud storyteller who is focussed on helping customers realise the business benefits of cloud adoption. Ashima currently lives in Dublin, Ireland, and in her free time she enjoys ski trips to mountain towns and road trips into the Irish countryside.

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