Andrew Gaffney

Andrew is the President and Founder of Retail TouchPoints. With extensive expertise in retail, Andrew focuses on helping retail brands deliver exceptional customer experience.

Prospering With Pop-Up Stores

During fashion week in London’s Soho district this past February, Lego opened a pop-up store with nothing in it. Well,…

3 years ago

Retailers Get Personal With Consumers – And It’s Paying Off

Personalisation pays. Boston Consulting Group found brands creating personalised experiences are seeing revenue increase two-to-three times faster than those that…

3 years ago

Technologies That Are Transforming Retail: Why All Retailers Must Become Early Adopters

The market transformation happening right now in retail is faster, more sweeping and more profound than the many changes that…

3 years ago

The Need for Speed in Customer Communications in Retail

The ability to access information and services instantly on smartphones has shifted expectations, and consumers are growing increasingly impatient. The…

4 years ago

Tapping the Right Data for Relevant, Personalised Customer Engagement in Retail

Retail analysts concur that personalisation is the way forward in retail. Forrester says: “Personalisation is no longer optional for delivering…

4 years ago

Eliminating the Retailer-Customer Communications Gap

Email and phone are retailers’ top methods for communicating with customers. But consumers increasingly are using digital channels like a…

4 years ago

Breaking the Dependance on Email in Retail

Speed of service and omnichannel strategies are two of retail’s megatrends, both rooted in consumers’ ever-rising expectations to get what…

4 years ago

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