Julien Rio

Julien Rio (CCXP) has more than 10 years’ international experience in Marketing and Customer Care positions across multiple industries including toys, medical, hospitality, F&B, logistics, electronics, etc. As Senior Director of Marketing at RingCentral France, Julien strives for improving customer care worldwide and closing the gap between what companies have to offer and what customers expect. Author and blogger, Julien regularly writes about customer experience and marketing topics.

How to give good customer service (with five examples)

Great customer service is at the heart of running a great business. Your product quality can be exceptional, but if…

4 months ago

The 6 Top Trends of Customer Experience in 2021

The digital transformation of companies accelerated significantly in 2020. In particular, they had to quickly adopt remote work and further…

1 year ago

What is an Omni-digital Customer Engagement Strategy?

In 2007, the arrival of iPhones and Facebook in our personal lives has completely changed the way we communicate with…

3 years ago

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