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Our Update on International Data Transfers and the New Standard Contractual Clauses

Out with the old, in with the new. RingCentral provides customers with new standard contractual clauses and additional safeguards. On…

2 months ago

The ROI of Customer Experience

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog and my articles, you already know that customer experience (CX) is a…

3 months ago

Ringside: Insider Interview with Sebastian Glock

Sebastian Glock is Senior Technology Evangelist at Cognigy where he acts as a mediator between technology and business. He has…

4 months ago

Ringside: Insider Interview with Daniel Ord

Daniel Ord is a certified CXPA Recognised Training Provider with an insightful background. Accumulating years of experience through other companies…

4 months ago

How Conversational AI Facilitates Smart Routing

Looking to resolve your customers’ queries quicker? 68% of people get annoyed when their call is transferred between departments so…

4 months ago

The Online Course Industry Outlook (and a Bit of History)

Virtual learning was a thing long before the online world even existed. Colleges and universities provided distance learning opportunities that…

4 months ago

Top 50 UK Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own This Year

Buying a franchise is often viewed as a shortcut to owning a business. Traditional ownership means taking absolute responsibility from…

4 months ago

What Can We Expect From the Hybrid Workplace?

It seemed like it was just weeks into the pandemic when people were already questioning the future of work. Would…

5 months ago

10 Tips on Creating Webinars People Will Want to Watch

Webinars have always been a content tool well recognised by companies for their usefulness. But because of the pandemic, when…

5 months ago

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