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Call Centre Management: What It Is and 7 Best Practices

Call centre management isn’t easy, especially when it comes to keeping your employees and customers engaged and happy. Those in…

1 month ago

Contact Centre Analytics: Future-Ready Customer-First Solutions

Contact centre analytics are fuelling the contact centres of the future. And today we’re here to find out exactly why…

5 months ago

The ROI of Customer Experience

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog and my articles, you already know that customer experience (CX) is a…

9 months ago

Ringside: Insider Interview with Daniel Ord

Daniel Ord is a certified CXPA Recognised Training Provider with an insightful background. Accumulating years of experience through other companies…

10 months ago

How Conversational AI Facilitates Smart Routing

Looking to resolve your customers’ queries quicker? 68% of people get annoyed when their call is transferred between departments so…

10 months ago

How to Grow Your Contact Centre Business with Automated Answering Systems

Are you looking to improve customer experience at your contact centre? Or perhaps you want to better support agents in…

10 months ago

10 Customer Courtesy Tips For Your Call Centre Agents

No businesses want to start off on the wrong foot with their customers. Call centre agents being the first touchpoint,…

11 months ago

Part 13: Call Centre Trends: The Future of Call Centres

We’re drawing to the conclusion of our series of posts focussed on the call centre niche. Hopefully, you should have…

12 months ago

Part 12: Call Centre Trends: Staff Training for Omnichannel Support

The most recent posts in our contact centres series put HR in the niche under the microscope. We studied staff…

12 months ago

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