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Cloud Architect

As cloud adoption increases and strategies become more complex, cloud architects are increasingly in demand. They’re required to help organisations mitigate risk and ensure a seamless migration to (and management … Read more “Cloud Architect”

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Cloud IDE

Traditionally, software development used to take place on a local machine via desktop apps like the Eclipse IDE, VS Code, or IDEs from JetBrains. While these IDEs are far from … Read more “Cloud IDE”

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Mobile Cloud

Cloud computing technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Organisations are moving to cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for agility and flexibility in uncertain times. But cloud computing … Read more “Mobile Cloud”

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Cloud browser

In recent years, the conversation around personal privacy and data security has become intense. With data protection regulations tightening and cybersecurity threats attracting more media attention, users have sought reassurance … Read more “Cloud browser”

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Hybrid IT

Of all the terms to enter the lexicon in recent years, few have been more ubiquitous than ‘hybrid’. More and more people drive hybrid cars (vehicles using a combination of … Read more “Hybrid IT”