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The global business process outsourcing market is expected to grow by a massive $230.2 billion by 2027. A fast-growing industry, the BPO sector’s boom has continued even throughout the COVID-19 … Read more “BPO”

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Inbound Call

Every business handles inbound calls, sometimes daily. Customers and clients need to get in touch, and picking up the phone is still a standard part of this process, even if … Read more “Inbound Call”


Active listening

Whether in our personal or professional lives, we all want to know we’re being listened to. In professional environments, showing our customers, clients, or colleagues that we’re actively listening to … Read more “Active listening”


Outbound Call

If you are thinking about expanding or starting your own call centre—rather than outsourcing—you may be considering using outbound calling. Below, you will find out what outbound calling is and … Read more “Outbound Call”