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Hosted CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is key to keeping your customers happy. It’s not enough to have one-off interactions – it’s all about maintaining a connection. CRM encompasses the various strategies … Read more “Hosted CRM”

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What is Customer-Centric? The way we do business is changing fast. Today’s customers are empowered, knowledgeable, and won’t stand for sub-par service. What’s more, ecommerce options are seemingly infinite. When … Read more “Customer-Centric”


Net Promoter Score

Good customer service should be the foundation of every business. Happy customers tend to become returning customers, and returning customers mean more sales.  However, for some businesses, managing customer satisfaction … Read more “Net Promoter Score”


Service Recovery

Remember that old saying “the customer is always right”? It’s the key to any successful business, making sure you exceed customer expectations. After all, unhappy customers can have a detrimental … Read more “Service Recovery”