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RingCentral Ad Campaign Tube Airport

Leaders in cloud communications, we recently unveiled our latest advertising campaign, based in various transportation hubs around London. The cleverly-designed campaign reminds customers that RingCentral is the ultimate vehicle for better communications in the modern workforce, no matter what kind of company you run.

The campaign will run throughout September and targets customers at Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport and a range of popular London Underground tube stations. You can also see the bright orange RingCentral banners spread across airport approach roads and on major London roads. The ads read: “Next stop: Better business communications” – the ideal message for the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality communication services anytime, anywhere.

The campaign is a testament to RingCentral's ability to empower the 'anytime, anywhere' workplace of the future. Click To Tweet

Following on from successful campaigns in Boston and New York

This isn’t the first time that a RingCentral “burst” campaign has taken to the streets of a high-traffic city. Recently, similar advertisements were aired throughout Boston and New York, with fantastic results. The campaign coincides with the “return to work week” that began on the 10th of September, and it’s intended to remind everyday professionals of the next-level support and flexibility they can get from RingCentral solutions.

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The campaign is a testament to RingCentral’s ability to empower the “anytime, anywhere” workplace of the future. As trends like globalisation and remote working change, the way work is perceived, RingCentral’s leadership position as a cloud communications vendor makes them a powerful partner for those ready to embrace forward-thinking employment strategies.

RingCentral’s secure, innovative and flexible cloud solutions allow companies to stay connected with their business partners, customers, and teams regardless of where they are, or which device they prefer to use. Whether you’re on the road, at the airport, or travelling on the tube, RingCentral users get access to the same business-leading applications and productivity-boosting services.

The freedom to communicate on-the-go

The new RingCentral burst campaign reminds users that the communication stack has evolved. As employees move further away from the conventional desk environment, RingCentral’s open architecture, rich communication channels, and reliable services ensure that employees can take their office with them wherever they go.

Keep your eyes open for our bright and cheery message of always-available communication the next time you’re exploring London.

Stephanie Liais


    Stephanie is part of the Product Marketing team for RingCentral in EMEA. She is focusing on helping businesses in EMEA transition to cloud business communication and collaboration. She has spent the last 6 years in cloud software and communication industries. Stephanie is based in London, has a European background and is a keen traveller.

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