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Part 1

Call & Contact Centre Agents & Infomation

In this first article in the series, we’re going to get into what call centres are, how they work, and who they serve.

Part 2

Inbound Vs Outbound Calls

In our first post, we took an overview of contact centres. Now, we’re going to discuss call handling

Part 3

Technology & Investment

In the third of RingCentral’s contact centre series, we’ll explore the areas where centres are investing in new solutions and innovations.

Part 4

Cloud Contact Centres

In this post, we’re going to explain the ins and outs of cloud-based contact centres; as well as their two main alternatives.

Part 5

Omnichannel Support

In this fifth post, we’re going to focus on the emergence and importance of omnichannel support.

Part 6

Customer Experience

What CX is and why it matters? In this post, we’ll examine how CX has altered the way contact centres track their performance.

Part 7

Call Scripts

In our series, we looked at some of the changes taking place at modern hubs. This latest post focuses on the telephony of a contact centre’s operation.

Part 8

Forecasting & Workforce Management

This post is going to take a closer look at forecasting and WFM in the contact centre niche.

Part 9

Sales & Marketing

Coming soon

Part 10

Staff Retention

Coming soon

Part 11

Team Building & Employee Satisfaction

Coming soon

Part 12

Staff Training for Omnichannel Support

Coming soon

Part 13

The Future of Call Centres

Coming soon

Part 14

Series Final Thoughts – Roundup

Coming soon