Ringside: Insider interview with Aldona Ogrodnik

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Ringside Interview Aldona Ogrodnik

As we expand the Ringside series to hear from experts beyond RingCentral’s walls, we continue to engage with our own leaders to get insights into the challenges and solutions of the telecommunications industry.

Today we catch up with Aldona Ogrodnik, Director of EMEA Sales Operations. Aldona has been at RingCentral for three years and has seen the business grow from 50 to 150+ employees, driving market capitalisation over $20 billion along with a share price increase of 900%. It’s been quite a ride.

Aldona, what’s your role at RingCentral and what do you love about your job?

My day-to-day responsibilities are divided between supporting our internal and external customers and driving strategic projects to support our growth and international expansion.

Joining RingCentral was one of the best decisions I have made in my career. Working here not only provides me the challenge I need, but it is equally rewarding at the same time. Over the past few years I’ve had opportunities to be involved in and lead strategic projects which helped me understand how the business works, not only from a customer journey point of view but also our internal systems and processes. Knowing the individuals who are responsible for each step gives me the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently.

The growth I’ve witnessed during my time with RingCentral highlights our leadership in the unified communications market; we simply have passionate and driven employees who go above and beyond to make things happen for our customers.

What do I love about my job? Everything! My job is my passion. I love and embrace learning new skills, working on projects, assisting colleagues around me, and working with knowledgeable and passionate individuals. I don’t even mind the long hours that are sometimes inevitable in my role.

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How do you apply RingCentral’s FITE values to your role?

Our “Focussed, Innovative, Trusted and Empowering” values initially attracted me to RingCentral. I am a believer in companies that celebrate, respect and empower employees.

I thrive in a challenging environment and I always do my best to deliver the best results. My customers are my priority, so regardless of what I’m working on I’m always available to support my colleagues and customers. We are all here to win as one and I will do anything to be a contributor rather than a spectator.

In what ways has business communications changed over your career?

Not only in my career, but also in my personal life. Growing up in Poland we were a little behind technology. For many years the only communication tools that were available to us were telegram, phone at the post office, fax and obviously hand-written letters.

I remember watching a documentary about smartphones and digital cameras filmed in Japan in the late 80s. We were worlds apart in that respect, especially as Poland was still under the communist regime.

My parents got their first home phone in the late 90s. My first mobile phone was very simple, with only text and call features. When I started working in my early 20s, a desk phone and a computer (not even a laptop!) were provided. We didn’t have internal messaging and collaboration tools, just emails and phone calls. Looking back, this made the collaboration and relationship building very challenging, especially when needing to work with colleagues in different time zones.

Fast forward to 2017 and RingCentral came into my life. To be honest, I am not sure how I survived without technology like RingCentral before. The RingCentral solution is more than message, video and phone; it helps to bring people together and build relationships. It also enables us to stay connected wherever we are, and always available on any device (maybe too much 😊). Our solution is simple to use, easy to deploy and can be managed from anywhere on any device. I am proud to be working in a place where our solution changes the way business communicates and bring people together – especially now when working from home is the new norm.

How do the tools RingCentral provides help in your job?

The tools cannot fail to help me be more productive and responsive. They give me ability to stay connected and build relationships with my colleagues across the globe. Wider acceptance of video calling is great to see. We’re all encouraged to keep our cameras on, which increases engagement and removes any sense of distance. The collaboration tools we use make my life a lot easier and running any project more engaging without the need for in-person meetings and unnecessary travel. They give me flexibility to work from anywhere and from any device. This removes the need to be tied to a physical location, so I can work and collect the kids from school. I no longer need unnecessary hardware to carry with me to use RingCentral application. Having a cloud based, unified app that anyone can download on their phone, tablet or laptop is a game changer.

Having a cloud based, unified app that anyone can download on their phone, tablet or laptop is a game changer. Click To Tweet

Thanks to Aldona for covering so much ground. At the current rate of development, it’s not surprising technology has become so ubiquitous, and it’s mind boggling to consider what functions and features the next decade has in store. If you’re still struggling with a long-term approach to remote working, it’s about time you adopted a cloud-based communications and collaboration stack. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more insights and contributions in this series of Ringside.

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Michael is RingCentral’s head of international brand. His background broadly comprises several years in recruitment followed by a decade in communications. He has created loads of different content on loads of different subjects, from vegan dining to passenger ferries.

Michael previously occupied communications planning and creation roles in a variety of industries including travel & tourism, online gaming and internet infrastructure. He has a master’s degree in creative writing and an interest in human communication, collaboration and leadership.

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