Ringside: Insider Interview with Graham Fry

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Welcome back to Ringside. Our interview series invites leaders from across communications and technology sectors to share their views on trends, current issues, and other reflections on their careers. Today, we caught up with Graham Fry, the managing director of Specialist Computer Centre Audio Visual Solutions (SCC AVS).

After a decade of experience in the business communications industry, Graham founded his company avsnet. In 2018, SCC acquired avsnet and merged it into its AV business to form SCC AVS.

What’s your role at SCC AVS, and what do you love about your job?

My job is to provide a vision that empowers our clients and our own business in this exciting and rapidly evolving space. I share this strategy with sales, delivery and support groups, so we all have the tools to engage and support clients. This means they can deliver to their goals across all collaboration technologies. Collaboration is near the top of every business’ agenda and is intertwined within organisational workflows. It is a metric for success alongside productivity and efficiency.

What I love about my role is client engagement and understanding what makes them tick. Beyond this, I also enjoy helping clients improve efficiencies as we enable them to be more collaborative with their customers, suppliers, partners and within. Creating and executing a collaborative strategy means we can help transform a whole business. As part of this, we give their employees a better day-to-day user experience. We also empower them to engage in ways that enable their business to excel.

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How will our experiences over the last 12 months change the way we work forever?

The last 12 months have forced us off the beaten track. After the initial reaction to maintain operations, business leaders are now taking stock. They’ve had a chance to re-evaluate what has worked, what has added value and what wasn’t necessarily working but was “the way we did it.”

The message I keep hearing is “balance is what we need.” CIOs often talk to me about how we should take advantage of the great things the pandemic has opened up to us, without losing sight of what is fundamentally important to businesses’ cultures. For instance, some days flexibility is crucial. But other days, the ability to focus in a work environment without home-based distractions is necessary. Great ideas and innovation need space, and sometimes this comes from the more social side of humans and business. The hybrid workplace is here, so to enable this, we need solutions that allow flexible working and seamless integration of teams wherever they are – and of course, the pubs to be open!!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a business wishing to improve its communications?

Ensure you put customers and employees at the centre of everything you do, and think about how to improve their experience of working with or within your business. Collaboration and communication are vital and can improve your organisation through increased satisfaction, retention, productivity and efficiency.

Strategies change, but people often go to the next iteration without evaluating and considering current business needs. With so much going on for businesses right now, we have an opportunity to reimagine how we can improve workflows and workplaces. Therefore, it is essential to think about whether what we used to do is still the best thing moving forward. It is a chance to evolve, stay a step ahead, look at the value new technologies will bring and total cost of ownership, and focus on simplicity and security.

Appreciate your time Graham, thanks so much. We enjoy hearing from our partners as they always have helpful insights to share from their own experiences, especially during the challenging times that many companies are going through now.  If you’d like to find out more about Graham and SCC AVS find him on LinkedIn.

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