This Service Attachment is a part of the Master Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) that includes the terms and conditions agreed by the Parties under which RingCentral will provide to the Customer the Office Services to Customer.

1. Service Overview

The Office Services are cloud-based unified communications services that include enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability that integrate with a growing list of applications. The Services include: 

  • Voice Services, including extension-to-extension calling and the ability to make and receive calls to and from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) 
  • Video and audio-conferencing services, including screen sharing
  • Collaboration Tools, including One-to-One and Team Chat, File Sharing, task management, SMS/Texting (where available) and other innovative tools

The Services may be accessed from a variety of user End Points, including IP Desk Phones, Desktop Clients, Web Clients, Mobile Applications, and Software Integrations.

2. Office Purchase Plans

3. Operator Assisted Calling, N11 and 116xxx Calling

RingCentral does not support 0+ or operator assisted calling (including, without limitation, collect calls, third party billing calls, 900, 089x, 0900, 0909, or other premium line numbers or calling card calls).  The Services may not support N11, 116xxx or other calling. To the extent they are supported, additional charges may apply for these calls.

4. Directory Listing Service

RingCentral offers directory listing (the “Directory Listing Service”). If Customer subscribes to the Directory Listing Service, RingCentral will share certain Customer Contact Data with third parties as reasonably necessary to include in the phone directory (“Listing Information”). This information may include, but is not limited to, Customer’s company name, address, and phone numbers.  Customer authorises RingCentral to use and disclose the Listing Information for the purpose of publishing in, and making publicly available through, third-party directory listing services, to be selected by RingCentral or third-party service providers in their sole discretion. Customer acknowledges and agrees that by subscribing to the Directory Listing Service, Customer’s Listing Information may enter the public domain and that RingCentral cannot control third parties’ use of such information obtained through the Directory Listing Service.

Opt Out. Customer may opt out of the Directory Listing Service at any time; however RingCentral is not obligated to have Customer’s Listing Information removed from third-party directory assistance listing services that have already received Customer’s information.

No Liability. RingCentral will have no responsibility or liability for any cost, damages, liabilities, or inconvenience caused by calls made to Customer’s telephone number; materials sent to Customer, inaccuracies, errors or omissions with Listing Information; or any other use of such information. RingCentral will not be liable to Customer for any use by third parties of Customer’s Listing Information obtained through the Directory Listing Service, including without limitation the use of such information after Customer has opted out of the Directory Listing Service.

5. RingCentral Global Office and Global MVP

RingCentral Global MVP (which is also known as RingCentral Global Office and references in the Service Description to Global MVP shall also refer to Global Office) provides a single communications system to companies that have offices around the world, offering localised service in countries for which Global MVP is available. Additional information related to Global MVP Services is available at

This section sets forth additional terms and conditions concerning RingCentral’s Global MVP for customers that subscribe to it. 

A. Emergency Service Limitations for Global MVP.

RingCentral provides access to Emergency Calling Services in many, but not all, countries in which RingCentral Global MVP is available, allowing End Users in most countries to access Emergency Services (911 in the United States and Canada, 112 in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union, and any other applicable Emergency Services number). Emergency Services may only be accessed within the country in which the Digital Line is assigned, e.g., an End User with a Digital Line assigned in Ireland may dial Emergency Services only within Ireland. Access to Emergency Calling Services in RingCentral Global MVP countries, where available, is subject to the Emergency Services Policy, available at Customer must make available and will maintain at all times traditional landline and/or mobile network telephone services that will enable End Users to call the applicable Emergency Services number. Customer may not use the RingCentral Services in environments requiring fail-safe performance or in which the failure of the RingCentral Services could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage.

B. Global MVP Provided Only in Connection with Home Country Service.

RingCentral provides Global MVP Service only in connection with Services purchased in the Home Country.  RingCentral may immediately suspend or terminate Customer’s Global MVP Services if Customer terminates its Digital Lines in the Home Country.  All invoicing for the Global MVP Services will be done in the Home Country on the Customer’s Account, together with other Services purchased under this Agreement, using the Home Country’s currency. Customer must at all times provide a billing address located in the Home Country. RingCentral will provide all documentation, licences, and services in connection with the Global MVP Service in English; additional language support may be provided at RingCentral’s sole discretion.

C. Relationships with Local Providers.

In connection with the provision of RingCentral Global MVP Services, RingCentral relies on local providers to supply certain regulated communication services; for example (i) for the provision of local telephone numbers within local jurisdictions; (ii) to enable you to place local calls within local jurisdictions; and (iii) to enable You to receive calls from non-RingCentral numbers on Customer’s Global MVP telephone number(s), by connecting with the local public switched telephone network.  RingCentral’s locally licenced affiliates provide all telecommunications services offered to Customer within the countries in which such affiliates are licenced; in some cases, RingCentral may obtain services from locally licenced providers on Customer’s behalf. RingCentral is responsible for all contracting, billing, and customer care related to those services.

6. Definitions

Definitions. Terms used herein but not otherwise defined have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.  For purposes of this Service Attachment, the following terms have the meanings set forth below:

1. “Digital Line” means a phone number assigned to an End User or a specifically designated location (e.g., conference room) and the associated voice service for inbound and outbound calling that permits the End User generally to make and receive calls to and from the public switched telephone network as well as to and from other extensions within the same Account.

2. “End Point” means an application or device through which any End User might access and/or use any of the Services, including without limitation IP Desk Phones, Desktop Clients, Web Clients, Mobile Applications, and Software Integrations.

3. “Extension-to-Extension Calls” means calls made and received between End Points on the Customer Account with RingCentral, regardless of whether the calls are domestic or international.

4. “External Calls” means calls made to or received from external numbers on the PSTN that are not on the Customer Account with RingCentral.

5. “Home Country” means the United Kingdom or the country that is otherwise designated as Customer’s primary or home country in the Order Form.