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Cambridge Area Code

There have been many changes that the Cambridge area code had undergone. One of the latest changes that it has been through is the one that happened during the PhONEday in 1995. The initial Cambridge area code begins with the number 1. This number was to be dialed after the trunk code but ahead of Cambridge local numbers.

The Cambridge area code number length is 0+10 digits. It is numerically represented by the 1223 area code. The first digit 0 is not considered part of the area code. It is the trunk prefix of all area codes. Though it is not included in the Cambridge area code, there is still a need to dial 0 before the area code to connect a call to Cambridge local numbers. The 1223 area code is also used in several towns and villages in Cambridge, including Teversham.

The 1223 area code belongs to the group that utilizes 4 digits as their area codes. These area codes use 6 figures as their subscriber number but there are also cases where there are only 5 digits. The Cambridge area code only has the former as their local number and not the latter. The majority of UK area codes belong to this type of area code. An example of a local number from Cambridge would look like this, 0 1223 123456. Callers must dial these numbers in exact order or their call will be deemed invalid.

These were the steps done to counter the problem of number shortage in the Cambridge area, the incorporation of new area codes to Cambridge local numbers. This solution was much helpful in providing new phone numbers. However, there were also complications and problems that were caused by this change.

The flow of communication in the business was hampered by the inclusion of the digit 1 unto the dialing system of companies. There are times when customers called using the initial area code instead of the new one. They fail to recognize that these area code numbers are not interchangeable. Mistaking one for another would lead their calls to different recipient.

Companies that have customers that think like this would be affected. A possible business call is lost due to a simple misconception on the part of the clients. For their part, the company needs to constantly remind their customers of their correct contact number along with the appropriate area code. Not only is this a tiresome task but an expensive one as well.

It is a given fact that population will continue to increase. And as the number of households rise, so does the need for new phone numbers. This would result to another exhaustion of a phone number supply. And the whole cycle of changing and adding numbers to area code will again be experienced as well as its complications.

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