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Chester Area Code

The stock of phone numbers for the Chester area code was rapidly being taken by subscribers and consumers. The increase in the population was not only the reason for such an incident. The increase in the number of devices that use phone lines such as fax machines and direct dial-in (DDI) lines also contributed to the depletion of the initial Chester area code. The efficiency and competency of these gadgets led to its mushrooming. Due to this, the need for new phone numbers has eclipsed the capacity of the supply of the Chester area code.

UK’s Office of Communications (OFcom) was the one assigned to devise a new plan to counter this imminent problem. As a solution, OFcom designed a new telephone numbering scheme. The plan that they have concocted was the utilization of the 4-digit area codes. This was done in 1995 during PhONEday. This area code format is done by introducing the digit “1” unto the original area codes. “1” is to be placed between the trunk code “0” and the pioneer area codes. This type of change in the area code brought forth a new area code pattern. It resulted to the creation of the (01XXX) XXXXXX from the once (0XXX) XXXXXX. The area code will be composed of 4 figures and the local number would be made up of 6 digits. There are some areas though that employs only 5 digits as their local number, but those locations would be insignificant when compared to the areas using 6 figures.

The insertion of the number “1” unto the initial Chester area code transformed it from being a 0244 area code to a 01244 area code. The 1244 area code is the area code that will be attached to new phone numbers in the Chester area. Chester local numbers are still composed of 6 figures. This would bring the total to 10 digits, excluding the trunk code. Chester local numbers would now come in this form, 01244 XXXXXX.

A contact number that is comprised of a Chester area code and Chester local numbers would not stand out among a group of numbers that also contain the 1244 area code. Companies that have this as their business contact numbers would find a hard time in competing for the attention of customers. They must have a business phone system that would separate them from the competition and one that would be able to reflect the nature of their products and services.

This is what the business phone system of RingCentral can give to your company. They can supply your business with non-geographic numbers. This type of number is permanent. You can take this number when you would relocate. This number goes wherever your company goes. A feature such as this would be helpful in saving you the hassles from having to change a contact number. New contact numbers would mean that you have to inform your current clients of the change.

RingCentral also has vanity numbers. These numbers are alphanumeric, which would mean that you can spell out the product you are selling on your business contact number. This would help in promoting your products and services. You are the one who would select the vanity numbers for your organization. This allows you to think of a number that would best fit the needs of your business. By simply posting your contact number, customers are now able to instantly tell the type of products and services that you are offering.