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Exeter Area Code

From using 3 figures as its area code, the Exeter area code had switched to using 4 digits. This transition to a longer set of area code was done to provide additional sets of phone numbers for new users and subscribers. The alteration of the Exeter area code was spearheaded by Ofcom (Office of Communication), United Kindom's government office which is in charge of all telecommunications.

The infusion of one digit was done during PhONEday in 1995. The number that was added to the original Exeter area code was the figure “1”. From being area code 392, the Exeter area code was changed into the 1392 area code. This area code arrangement is used by most cities in the UK. This format of area code ranges from 01200 to 01998.

Local numbers that are used together with this type of area code are 5 to 6 figures in length. 5-digit numbers are not as common as their 6-digit contemporaries. Callers must always keep in mind that not all 4 digit area codes have 6 digit long local numbers. Fortunately for Exeter-based companies and businesses, Exeter local numbers only consists of 6 digits.

This new area code would be the numbers that are to be dialed when someone is calling from a different area code. Calling without inputting the 1392 area code through the use of a mobile phone would invalidate the call. A single incorrect key in of a number would not connect the call. Callers must also be reminded that aside from the Exeter area code and Exeter local numbers, the trunk code “0” must also be included. “0” is the initial digit that should be keyed in, followed by the area code and lastly the local numbers.

All of these hassles brought about by the changes in the dialing system of the United Kingdom can be eliminated by addressing the root of the problem, which is the telecommunication system. Your business must acquire a phone system that will not be affected by the changes in area code-based contact numbers and at the same time one that is feature-packed.

These qualities can be found in RingCentral products and appliances. RingCentral phone numbers are not affected by changes in area code dialing since they have non-geographic numbers. These numbers are not restricted by any geographical boundary. This type of contact number helps you remove the obstacles that hinder interested international clients from investing in your company.

Long distance calls that are made to this phone costs cheaper compared to traditional phones. In addition, RingCentral lets you choose your own set of numbers. This gives you the option of using your locations area code or the area code of your target clients.

Aside from this providing your business phone system with unparalleled flexibility, their products are also inexpensive. Their products are so affordable that even small and medium businesses can afford this telecommunication system. Even if their products costs cheap, the features of their telecommunication product is top of the line. RingCentral helps you make the most out of your money.