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Plymouth Area Code

The 1752 area code, also known as the Plymouth area code, is using the (01XXX)XX XXXX geographic numbering format under United Kingdom's National Telephone Numbering Plan. This area code format was assigned to Plymouth during PhONEday, back in 1995. But the aforementioned area code was not the sole area code that had been used in Plymouth over the years.

There were several area codes that were employed by the area even before PhONEday materialized. The original Plymouth area code was 0755. Then it was changed into 0752. From 0752, it was then converted to the current 1752 area code when PhONEday came about in 1995.

During PhONEday, the digit 1 was added before the Plymouth area code and after the trunk code zero. This increased the number of figures of the area code of Plymouth from once being 3-digits, to one that is composed of 4 numerals. The former area code still had the same numbers though. The only difference was that it now had the number 1 attached to it. The area code format utilized by Plymouth is the (01752) XX XXXX. The X's represent the Plymouth local numbers. And as seen in the format, the local numbers of Plymouth is composed of 6 digits.

The 1752 area code also covers other areas such as Cornwood, Torpoint, Wembury and Yealmpton. This means that the 1752 area code is not an exclusive number that would represent the Plymouth area code because other areas are also using it. Callers from areas that share with the Plymouth area code could dial Plymouth local numbers directly without having to dial area code 1752 first. This would be a big advantage for businesses located in Plymouth because clients from those areas would only need to memorize the Plymouth local numbers.

But for those that have a different area code, they need to input the area code of Plymouth and its local numbers. It will require callers to key in these 10 digits plus the trunk code 0. The length of the numbers that need to be dialed is further increased when one is calling internationally to a phone number in Plymouth. They would need to add the international code +44 before the other 10 digits to avoid confusion from callers locally and internationally.

Given this, international callers will now be burdened with having to recall 12 numerals when they want to connect a call to Plymouth. This would be a big disadvantage for businesses in Plymouth that have several international clients. The length of their contact numbers increases the probability of incorrect dialing. This would result to big losses in the part of the company.

The good news is companies can actually avoid these communication problems through the assistance of telephony products from RingCentral. Their business phone system can provide your company with 0845 numbers, which are very helpful in cutting the cost of international costs. Customers that are calling from a different country will not be charged with high international call costs. Long distance calls that are made these numbers cost almost the same as a local call. 0845 numbers not only helps you cut long distance telecommunication costs but also aid in recruiting new clients.

This number is also non-geographic, which means that you can take it with you when you have any plans of relocating your base of business operations. This allows you to save from having to spend on a new phone line. 0845 numbers prevent the hassles and complications of changing a contact number. This also helps maintain the continuity of business between your company and your clients. More importantly, this ensures that you will not lose any customers due to relocation.