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Stirling Area Code

The first Stirling area code was 786. The supply of these numbers was adequate until the need for new phone numbers eclipsed the stock of phone numbers that can be dispensed. The looming problem of telephone number depletion is also being experienced by different locations in the United Kingdom. Ofcom (Office of Communication) was tasked to create a solution to counter this forthcoming dilemma. As a response, various area code formations and local number sequences were created. Phone numbers that will be developed from these new arrangements will provide additional supply to the current phone numbers in the UK.

The geographical number format that was commissioned to become the Stirling area code was the 4-digit area code and a 6 numeral-long local numbers. This new area code pattern is shown in this format: (01XXX) XX XXXX. This format is the most commonly used one in the UK region, making it the most popular among all the area codes being employed in that country.

This increase in the length of the Stirling area code numbers is due to the inclusion of the number 1. The figure 1 was infused unto the former 0786 area code. This format was the reason for that the 1786 area code was created. This new area code is also utilized in areas near central Scotland. These areas would include Bannockburn, Braco, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane among many others.

In order to add up to 10-digit dialing, the 1786 area code is paired with local numbers comprised of 6 figures. Unlike the Stirling area code, the Stirling local numbers differ from one phone number to another. Contacting someone in Stirling would always start with the same Stirling area code but the ending Stirling local numbers would always vary. No Stirling local numbers are the same, each one is unique.

The transition from 0786 into the 1786 area code did not come without any troubles. Companies that previously owned the original area code needed to constantly remind their clients of the new area code. Though these businesses took some steps to minimize the problems brought about by changes in telecommunication, they did not employ the best possible actions.

The difficulties that a number change brings is not solved by merely adjusting to the changes, one must be able to take measures that would ensure that their phone number will not be influenced by any transformations of the area code. Companies that are able to do this are the ones that will likely to succeed.

To be able to rid one's company of the aforementioned problems, you need the assistance of RingCentral telephone systems. Their telecommunication appliances allow you to have the area code of your choice. The difference of the area code from RingCentral is that it is not affected as compared to other area codes when there are changes in the area code.

RingCentral also offers Answering Rules feature. With this feature, you can configure your phone system to answer calls according to a designated schedule. You can also program the answering configurations for calls to the primary number and to different extensions. These would enable you to concentrate more on the core aspects of your business, therefore giving your company a higher chance of succeeding.