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Wakefield Area Code

The Wakefield area code which is the 1924 area code is also used by other regions. It governs the areas of Batley, Bretton, Crofton, Dewsbury, Flockton, Heckmondwike, Horbury, Lofthouse Gate, Mirfield, Normanton and Sandal. The high number of places that use the Wakefield Area Code is one of the main causes why its original area code was reformatted into the current 1924 area code.

Another reason is the rise in the number of telephones in the household. Back then, households would usually have a single phone. But the advent of communication technology increased the number of phones in the household. The reason for the rise in the number of phones in the household is the accumulation of mobile phones.

This is because mobile phones satisfy the need to communicate with one another wherever one is located. The usage of these phones has never been as rampant as those used by individuals that own companies. They usually have separate phone lines for their office and personal use. Another factor that had contributed to the rapid growth in the demand for phone numbers is Internet dial ups. Like mobile phones, these devices also require the aid of a telephone line in order to function.

Before the changes in the Wakefield area code took place, it was primarily recognized as area code 924. The considerable number of request for phone numbers in the Wakefield area contributed to the reformatting of its area code. The change of the Wakefield area code happened on the 16th of April in 1995. The modifications that the area code of Wakefield had undergone through were also experienced by all the area codes of the United Kingdom.

From that point onwards, Wakefield had the 1924 area code as the number that would be handed out to new phone subscribers within the area. The Wakefield area code is fused with Wakefield local numbers that has 6 figures. If the area code of Wakefield separates it from other areas of UK, then Wakefield local numbers specifies a certain location within the Wakefield area.

The group of Wakefield local numbers will always change but its area code will always be the same as long as its supply is still sufficient for the demand of phone subscribers. The problem that this might create is that area code numbers will always be depleted. No matter how big the supply is, there will come a time that all of it will be taken. When this happens, the communication system of businesses will again be slowed down. This would become an obstacle in achieving prosperity for your company.

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One of their innovative services is the auto-attendant. It helps in managing calls, messages and faxes. It is able to receive, forward and transfer communication processes 24/7. Calls that are forwarded by the auto-attendant that does not get any response will be transferred to voicemail. This removes the chances of ever missing any important business calls. The auto-attendant also enables you to address the needs of your clients even if you are not within the premises of your office. A feature such as this gives your company incomparable mobility and flexibility in communication.