RingCentral Office

Phone System Comparison

How does RingCentral Office compare to traditional on-premise PBX systems?
Take a look at the chart below and decide for yourself.

  • Phone systems comparison chart

20-user Phone
System Comparison

Traditional On-Premise
PBX Systems


Up-Front Cost   
On-premise hardware – PBX, server cards £0  £2,000
One-time phone cost1 £2,000  £2,000
Setup, implementation and upgrades FREE  £1,500
Number transfer/Porting FREE  FREE
Configuration and training FREE  £500
Integrations with Microsoft Outlook,
FREE  £100
Integrations with Box, GoogleDrive,
FREE  Not available
Monthly Costs   
PBX software licenses £0  £100
Monthly inclusive minutes based on
Standard Edition
£240  Not available
Line Rentals (based on 8 lines) FREE  £120
Metered minutes N/A  £100
Fax FREE  £50
Local numbers for 20 users FREE  £40
Freephone number and minutes FREE  £50
24/7 Customer support2 FREE  Not included
Mobile app for iPhone and Android FREE  Not available
Conferencing *based on 5 calls per month @ £18 FREE  £90
Ongoing system management
and configuration
Designed for easy
  Requires IT or
outsourced support
Service contract No contracts required  Contracts required and
early termination fees
Total Monthly Cost £240  £550
Total Cost in Year 1 £4,880  £12,700
Total Cost in Year 2 £2,880  £6,600
Your First Year Savings
with RingCentral

£6,86054% Saved in the first year


Without savings

1Price based on Polycom 321 model

224/7 Customer Support for Office Premium and Ultimate subscribers with 2 or more Users
Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm UK time for Office Standard subscribers