RingCentral Office

Call Logs

Keep a complete record of all phone call details and fax transmissions with RingCentral call logs.

RingCentral Call Logs and Call History Features

Track employee productivity and monitor phone and fax interactions with call logs. Admins can easily view call logs by individual or department, and gain insights into all inbound and outbound calls. For example, view the name of a caller, number or extension—as well as time, date, and duration—of any particular call.

Benefits of call logs

Forecast costs and track productivity.

  • Get a snapshot of the phone numbers your employees call and fax, and track the minutes that they use. View inbound and outbound phone numbers as well as the duration of specific calls. See whether specific numbers are called repeatedly or for extended durations of time.
  • Make informed decisions based on the data that is tracked, such as using call volumes to assess the workload of your sales or support departments. You can also use this information to review your call groups and call queues.
  • Forecast costs by viewing how many minutes your company uses during any given time period, such as a month. By analysing the average minutes your company uses in a month, for example, you can forecast future costs and appropriately allocate your spending.

Search and sort your call log quickly.

  • Search logs by date, date range, type of interaction (phone call or fax), or whether the interaction was inbound or outbound.
  • You can also sort your call log by individual or by specific contact numbers, by department, duration of the call, or type of call.

Easily manage your data.

  • Download your call log raw data directly into Microsoft Excel® for additional analysis and reporting.
  • Share call log information by attaching call log spreadsheets to emails.
  • Schedule automated delivery of call log data to email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Return or listen to calls on demand.

  • Return calls listed in your call log quickly with RingOut. Click any phone number for single-touch dialling using RingCentral for Desktop.
  • Improve your company’s customer service efforts by using call logs together with Call Recording (both included with RingCentral Office), to listen to calls after they occur.

Call log FAQs

How long are my records of calls and faxes stored in my account?

  • Inbound and outbound call logs through your RingCentral number are stored in your online account for 180 days. Access your call log at any time, without having to download additional software.
  • Each interaction is date- and time-stamped.

What kind of information is logged?

  • All inbound and outbound interactions are logged, including the caller ID, the type of interaction (for example: a call or fax), the result (missed, incoming, outgoing, etc.), the length of the interaction, and the date and time.

How can I use call log data to make better business decisions?

  • By tracking inbound and outbound interactions, you gain insights to all company communications within your RingCentral system, including phone numbers your employees are calling and how long the calls last.
  • Reports can be configured and automatically sent to track specific employee interactions as well as inbound-specific interactions, such as in a customer support or call centre environment.
  • Call logs help management oversee all business communication interactions. Prevent long-distance fraud, and discourage employees from making personal long-distance calls by reviewing your call log regularly.
  • With call logging, you can view the amount of missed calls your company receives. From there, you can determine whether you need to add additional staff so that each call is handled as it comes in.
  • Timestamps of missed calls can help you determine if current employee schedules match incoming call trends.
  • Monitor your freephone number usage to see if you need to add more minutes to handle toll-free call volume.
  • Search through your call log by phone number to ensure important calls are being routed properly.