RingCentral Office

Directory Listings

Increase your company’s visibility with free publications of your business details in local and national directories.

RingCentral Directory Listings

Feature benefits:

  • Directory Listings is a free advertising feature for RingCentral Office customers.


How do I sign up to get a directory listing added?

It's easy to get your listing posted. Your account admin goes to the homepage of your account. Under settings, in the Company Shortcuts section, there's a shortcut for 192. The admin clicks 192 and can select the primary phone number, address, fax and also a freephone number you want to promote. Hit Publish and you're all set.

What if I want to delete the listing?

Once your listing is posted, you can make changes and even delete your entire listing. Your account admin simply goes to your Listing Details and selects Edit or Remove to make changes to your profile.

How many different listings can I have?

You get one listing per company, and get to publish your main company number, fax number and business address.