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Freephone Numbers

Enhance your brand and provide outstanding service to customers with freephone
numbers, including 0800 and 0808 numbers, from RingCentral.

Get 0800 and 0808 Numbers with RingCentral

Freephone numbers make it easy for customers and prospects to recognise your company and remember your phone number. Use one freephone number for voice and fax, or add additional freephone numbers for different locations, employees, and departments. Freephone numbers can be routed to your mobile phone or to multiple devices so you never miss a call.

Benefits of freephone numbers

Establish a nationwide presence.

  • Make it easy for prospects and customers to call you from anywhere in the UK with freephone numbers, including 0800 and 0808 numbers.
  • Add freephone numbers for employees, departments, remote offices, or even dedicated fax lines.

Deliver exceptional service.

  • With your RingCentral freephone number, you will never miss a call or fax, and your customers will never hear a busy signal when calling—even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax.
  • Incoming calls to your freephone numbers can be routed anywhere in the world, including your mobile phone. Simply set your answering rules to send calls to your mobile phone when you’re travelling, to any office location, or to several devices all at once.
  • Make it easy for prospects and customers to remember your business number and increase your company’s marketing effectiveness.

One smart freephone number works for voice and fax.

  • You only need one number for voice and fax communication.
  • Simply label your freephone number on your website and marketing collateral as "Phone/Fax,” (or similar)—making it easy for your customers and prospects to reach you.


Freephone Numbers FAQs

Can I forward my current freephone number to RingCentral?

  • Yes. RingCentral has provisioning relationships with various major phone companies. You can easily and seamlessly transfer a freephone number you already own to your RingCentral account, which brings a robust set of features and benefits to your existing number.
  • You can make all necessary arrangements directly from your RingCentral account after you sign up.

Can I keep my freephone number if I change providers?

  • Yes. As long as you have paid for at least one month of service, you can keep your freephone number.
  • To transfer your freephone number away from RingCentral, you will need to contact your new provider for instructions.
  • Your account must be active when RingCentral receives the transfer request from your new provider.

Can I make international calls using my freephone number?

  • Yes. You can make calls anywhere in the world and forward your calls to any international number.
  • You can receive international calls to your local number but not to your freephone number at this time.

How easy is it to transfer freephone numbers to RingCentral?

  • If a customer is the current registered owner/customer of record of the freephone number, then the number should be easily portable to RingCentral.

How does RingCentral charge minutes to a user’s account when they use their freephone number?

  • Accounts come bundled with a certain number of freephone minutes. If the customer exceeds that number, additional minutes can be purchased automatically.

Is the user also charged when they use their freephone number as their caller ID for placing outgoing calls?

  • No. All customers can opt to display both their company name and phone number on their caller ID at no extra charge.