RingCentral Office

International Phone Numbers

Go international and keep all your office locations connected on one phone system.

RingCentral International Business Phone Numbers

Benefits of international phone numbers

Easily expand into new markets without major overhead.

  • Support your international customers with a local presence without having to set up regional offices— select local and/or freephone numbers for more than 25 countries.
  • Streamline operations under one provider. Manage your international business on the same phone system.
  • Inbound calls can be routed to any extension.
  • Expand into international markets for a predictable low monthly price for local or freephone*** numbers.

Appear local to customers, no matter where you're based.

  • Display an international number (local or freephone) as your caller ID so customers feel as if they're talking to someone who's local.
  • Use international phone numbers on a variety of devices, from desk phones to mobile phones to RingCentral for Desktop, and be available anywhere while reinforcing your professional image.
  • Use one international number for both outbound voice calls and faxes.*

International phone numbers FAQs

How do international numbers work?

  • Select your international number** and associate it with an existing or new phone line.
  • Customers dial the international number, which appears as a local number or freephone number to them, and the call is routed to an extension that can be picked up on any RingCentral device, such as your desk phone, mobile app, or RingCentral for Desktop app.
  • Inbound calls to local numbers are free with your plan. With freephone numbers, incoming calls are charged per minute based on the country.
  • Outbound calls or faxes can display the international number as the Caller ID. Standard international rates apply to outbound calls.

How do I request international numbers?

  • Contact your RingCentral sales representative or call 0800 098 8136 to order and activate your international numbers.

How long does it take to get international numbers activated?

  • Your number will be activated in about 7 – 10 days after you request it.

Can I pick the city code for each international number?

  • Yes. You can select the city codes you need.

Can I have more than one international number?

  • Yes. International numbers are available for more than 25 countries.

Can I keep my existing International local or freephone number?

  • Yes. Porting of existing International local or freephone numbers is supported for selected countries. An additional fee applies. Contact your RingCentral sales representative or call 0800 098 8136 for more details.
* International rates apply.
** Emergency calling is not supported for International Numbers in their respective countries
*** per minute charge applies for incoming calls based on country.