RingCentral Office

Visual Voicemail

Save time, prioritise responses, and gain ultimate control over your voice and fax messages with visual voicemail.

RingCentral Visual Voicemail

Manage all of your messages with ease. With RingCentral’s visual voicemail, there’s no need to listen to all of your voicemails in their entirety. This feature allows you to quickly view your voicemail and fax messages and select a message based on its caller ID or time the message was left. From there, you can prioritise and manage your responses accordingly, or quickly forward a message to a colleague. The visual interface can be accessed from your computer or with wireless access from your tablet, iPhone®, or Android™ phone.

Benefits of visual voicemail

Respond to messages anytime and anyplace.

  • Visual voicemail can be accessed through your online account, using the RingCentral for Desktop, or through the RingCentral mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Save time—there’s no need to listen to all of your messages individually. Prioritise your responses to voicemails and faxes based on the time a message was left or by caller ID.
  • Return calls, delete messages, and more—all from a single screen.
  • On the RingCentral mobile app, simply tap once to return a call, or swipe to delete a message.
  • See who left a voice or fax message by viewing caller ID information or the contact’s name, the time the message was left, as well as the duration of the message.
  • Select a fax message to view an instant preview of the document.

Visual voicemail FAQs

Is there an additional fee for this feature?

  • No. Visual voicemail is included as a standard feature of RingCentral Office® and is automatically available to you once your account is activated.

Where are my messages stored?

  • Voice messages and faxes are stored virtually in each user’s account, and can be accessed with visual voicemail through RingCentral for Desktop or the RingCentral mobile app. Users can also access their messages by using their desk phone, or via email if set up to receive voicemail messages as email attachments.
  • Save messages indefinitely, and view them anytime simply by downloading or copying the files to your computer.

Can I forward a message?

  • Yes. You can forward any fax or voicemail message using visual voicemail.

Will I still receive my messages online?

  • Yes. You will see your faxes and voicemail messages in your email inbox (if selected), on your mobile device via the RingCentral mobile app, and on your computer with RingCentral for Desktop, so you can easily access your messages in the way that is most convenient for you.

Can I respond to my voicemail messages from visual voicemail?

  • Yes. Simply select Call Back to have your RingCentral number automatically dial the number of the person who left the voicemail.