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Cloud business communications for retail

Stand out in a busy and competitive retail market with fast and personalised customer service.


RingCentral provides retailers with a single communications platform across all stores, offices, and contact centre locations to enable them to optimise the supply chain and deliver consistent, fast, and personalised customer communications on all channels at controlled costs.

“What excites me about the partnership between RingCentral and is that it allows us to grow our business very quickly, to open new offices, and to grow our telephone system exponentially and easily without having to worry.”

Derek Hardy, Chief Technology Officer,

Modern communications to meet customers’ expectations

Today, customers expect fast and personalised service across all retail channels. With legacy technology, retailers are struggling to create the seamless experience that customers expect. RingCentral cloud solutions help retailers centralise telephony, instant messaging, team collaboration, conferencing, and contact centre solutions on a single platform across locations in order to provide fast, consistent, and personalised service.

Simplifying operations with the cloud

RingCentral enables retailers to optimise and speed up the supply chain with effective communications regardless of location, time, and devices. Suppliers, manufacturers, logisticians, and retailers can stay in touch no matter where they are through calls, instant messaging, online, and video conferencing. And because our solutions are cloud-based, they can integrate with other cloud applications you might use, such as your CRM, ERP, or inventory management systems.

Solutions that scale with your growth

All businesses experience changes in size according to growth and market ebbs and flows. The retail industry is no exception, and there's also the additional impact of seasonal cycles. RingCentral is highly scalable to support additional capacity during your busiest seasons. You can easily activate and manage new locations, sites, warehouses, stores, and users in a few clicks. Whilst legacy technology makes the set up of new locations time consuming and expensive, RingCentral cloud technology removes the need for on-site equipment and hardware.

Future proof your business

With customers’ expectations changing rapidly, retailers need the flexibility and agility to move fast. RingCentral's fully open platform, advanced analytics, and customer-centric features help retail businesses to move faster, be more responsive, and provide excellent customer experience today and tomorrow.

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Thank you for your interest in RingCentral

A sales advisor will contact you within 24 hours. If you'd like to speak to someone now, please call  0800 098 9136.

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