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RingCentral Is the Right Solution for Real Estate Inside Sales Teams

Nelson Goulart, the owner and broker of record at the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate office in Mississauga, Ontario, runs an innovative operation that stays on top of industry trends. One trend he recently embraced is the use of inside sales agents. These are people who help the real estate agents by following up leads and conducting other prospecting activities. Goulart currently has an inside sales team of two people but plans to increase that to eight people eventually.

Inside sales agents do most of their work on the phone. When Goulart decided to create his team, one of the first things he did was set up a separate phone system for them. He didn’t want them to use the office’s existing phone system because it didn’t have the strong reporting functionality he knew he needed.

“If you want to have a successful inside sales team, you need to be able to track what they’re doing,” Goulart explains. “There’s no other way.”

In choosing their phone system, Goulart also looked for a solution that would support the use of mobile phones. “Inside sales agents aren’t always making calls from the office. I needed a phone system that included a mobile app,” Goulart notes.

Solid solution backed by knowledgeable people

Goulart learned of RingCentral from his customer relationship management (CRM) software vendor, AgentLocator. After verifying that RingCentral met his requirements for strong reporting functionality and mobile phone support, he decided to deploy it.

“Our account manager was fantastic and the implementation was smooth,” Goulart says. “It’s a very robust system with a lot of features to it, and whenever I’ve called the help line, they’ve been fantastic, too. It’s really nice to call a company that knows its product so well. Everyone I’ve contacted at RingCentral knows the product well.”

Great reporting and call recording help agents be more effective

Goulart tracks his sales team’s performance using RingCentral Reports, which has intuitive graphical dashboards that let him quickly analyze call history, activities, and patterns. Metrics are available for most of the call activity, including inbound and outbound call volume, total calls, details on missed or answered calls, average calls per day and time, and more. Historical call metrics let him track productivity and improve future call usage.

Another RingCentral tool he uses to help improve agents’ performance is call recording. “That’s the most important function,” Goulart explains. “It lets me coach the people on the team in a more focused way. We can play a recording and critique it.” Agents work from scripts during their calls, and Goulart says that listening to the calls has also helped him improve the scripts. “After hearing the conversations, we have tightened up the scripts to make them more effective,” he notes.

Next, Goulart is looking at using RingCentral’s digital collaboration functionality as another way to help the team. “We plan to use that for role-plays, as a way to include people who aren’t in the office at the time,” he explains.

Overall, Goulart is pleased with RingCentral, enough that he is considering it for the rest of the office as well. “We have no complaints and no problem recommending RingCentral,” he says.

Company profile

The growing Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) network includes more than 11,000 affiliated sales associates and approximately 300 offices serving home buyers and sellers across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas.

Year founded: 2011


Mississauga, Ontario

55 employees



“It’s really nice to call a company that knows its product so well. Everyone I’ve contacted at RingCentral knows the product well.”

—Nelson Goulart,

Owner & Broker of Record



“We have no complaints and no problem recommending RingCentral.”

—Nelson Goulart,

Owner & Broker of Record