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Founded in 2007, Control Freq Ltd is a London-based supplier of software products and systems that enable users to control technology such as intercoms, entry systems and alarm systems using their mobile phones. The company specialises in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) control, communication, monitoring and detection systems, and provides off-the-shelf solutions on the cutting edge of GSM technology, as well as bespoke GSM solutions to cater to any given application through an ecommerce site and its Islington-based showroom. 

“Our products enhance other systems by enabling users to communicate or interact with existing systems using their mobile phones,” said Noel Sesto, Managing Director and Founder, Control Freq. “For example, we provide the technology needed to enable users to control electronic gates, alarm systems and intercoms with their mobile phone. All of our products simplify applications by communicating wirelessly, utilising GSM mobile phone technology and eliminating the need of hard wiring.” 

Completely mobile 
Noel and his business partner, Neil Malloch, required a phone system that would allow them to answer or route calls and messages on the fly. “A traditional PBX phone system was of no use to us. We wanted three incoming lines that would enable us to work on the move or redirect calls to our telephone answering service, MoneyPenny. We needed a telephone system that would give us full control but still be very easy to use.” 

“We are always in and out of the office so having seamless integration of RingCentral interface between PC and smartphone is really useful. As an online company, customers often try and reach us over the phone, so it’s vital that we are easily contactable,” said Noel. “We often use the smartphone app to re-route calls on the fly. We thrive on flexible technology that allows us to work from anywhere in the world, and RingCentral gives us just that.” 

A reliable phone solution with advanced features 
Control Freq has a showroom and warehouse in Islington, but both Noel and Neil can be out of the office at any given time. Using RingCentral’s mobile apps, Noel and Neil are able to make or receive calls using VoIP, change settings, handle simultaneous calls, and get notifications of calls, voicemails, and faxes via their mobile devices. 

“Using the mobile app, we can make calls via Wi-Fi even while standing on a tube platform,” said Noel. “We are huge advocates of anything that allows us to be out of the office while still being 100 per cent functional. We are able to share support documents such as quick starts, installation manuals and software files via Dropbox instantly through a smartphone, no matter where we are. For our customers, time is money and thanks to our cloud-based phone system, we can now provide high levels of support and customer service 24/7.” 

Ease of set up and a top-quality support service 
Control Freq sought a supplier that could provide advanced technology with a reliable support service. The company experienced many difficulties with its previous VoIP telephone system provider, which resulted in phones going offline at any given moment with little or no technical support from the supplier. 

“Implementing RingCentral was very simple and pain free. After signing up, we ported our business number. Right from the start, we’ve had exceptional support from the sales and customer services teams, combined with highly responsive and knowledgeable tech support.” 

Small company competing on global scale 
Thanks to a website that caters to customers in every area of the world, and a reliable cloud-based telephone system, Control Freq now competes with large companies at a global scale. 

“Having the right technology to communicate with our customers and offer the best possible technical support is vital. Customers don’t usually like to call mobile numbers as they don’t trust them. So having three regional landline numbers for sales, technical support and accounts means we can now portray a professional image, while answering calls or receiving messages no matter where we are. Looking after these details helps us keep ahead of competition and maintain loyal customers.” 

In the future, the company plans to expand the business with affiliates all over the world. 

“At the moment, 10 per cent of our business is from overseas, while the rest is in the UK. Over the next few years, we aim to expand into international markets by breaking down language barriers and hiring affiliates in different regions. With the right technology and tools in place, we have everything we need to take our business global.”

Company profile

Control Freq Ltd is a London-based supplier of GSM control, communication, monitoring and detection systems. Its main products are GSM intercoms, GSM alarm diallers, GSM lift emergency phones & PSTN line retrofit to GSM, GSM remote & access control systems & GSM monitoring products and software.


Headquarters: London

Size: 2 employees

RingCentral customer since: 2013



"As a small business, we needed a flexible phone system that would give us full control over where calls are directed at different times of day, how and under what conditions.
Thanks to a reliable phone solution like RingCentral, we can now ensure we never miss a customer no matter where we are."
- Noel Sesto, Managing Director and Founder