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DigitalChalk Uses RingCentral’s All-in-One Communications Solution to Help Its Over-40 Customer Base Succeed

DigitalChalk’s learning management system (LMS) is versatile enough to support multiple types of online education, including training for employees in corporate or university settings, as well as training in e-commerce environments, i.e., where someone with expertise creates an online course that users pay to take. 

One-to-one process for helping customers succeed

Dave Tinker, a founding member of DigitalChalk, is the person who makes sure the company’s customers get the most out of its platform. After a sale, Tinker personally takes each new customer through a “JumpStart” process. “This is typically a 30-minute interview where we learn who they are, what their specific needs are, their use case, and who their customers or students are,” Tinker explains. “Using that information, we build a customized training path that expedites the learning process and teaches them how to use the platform as they need to.”

Tinker’s customer support process requires both telephony and screen sharing. DigitalChalk had been purchasing the two functions separately but weaknesses with the telephony got to be too much for Tinker. “We had moved to a software solution, but we always had issues like dropped calls and poor call quality,” he explains. “Eventually I had enough and went on the hunt to replace the telephony portion. I was looking for telephony that would let me integrate screen share. I wasn’t expecting one solution for both.”

One solution for all critical communications

His research led him to RingCentral. “The sales process was great,” Tinker recalls. “We worked with a very knowledgeable person and did a pilot with a couple of lines. Call quality was excellent.” 

In addition to resolving the call quality issues, the availability of RingCentral Meetings meant DigitalChalk could get telephony and screen sharing from a single source. In less than two months, Tinker had pulled the plug on the company’s previous communications solutions and replaced them with RingCentral Office (for the phone system), RingCentral Meetings (for online meetings and sharing screens, websites, and documents) and RingCentral for Google (integrated communications with Google apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar).

RingCentral Meetings was an immediate hit for the sales and support teams as well as Tinker personally. “When the sales team is doing demos, they’re doing them with Meetings,” he explains. “And I use Meetings more than I use RingCentral for telephony. It’s how I start collaborating with customers.” 

A jump-start process suitable for all ages

DigitalChalk’s customer base spans across several generations of users from Baby Boomers to Millennials, “Relaying complex technical information can sometimes be a challenge, especially if we try to provide too much information too quickly, things can often get cloudy,” Tinker explains. 

So he keeps the JumpStart process simple. “When I schedule a meeting [using RingCentral Meetings], I just send an email with the meeting’s dial-in number and access code,” Tinker explains. “At some point in the discussion when I feel the need to show them something, I’ll send the video chat link [to the RingCentral Meeting] in an email. They get connected, and we go from there.”

Following that process, Tinker is able to easily engage any of his customers to demonstrate specific functions or processes. And once he’s there, he takes advantage of functionality such as annotation to make his points even clearer.  

Overall, Tinker states that the transition to RingCentral has been extremely positive for his entire company. “RingCentral’s biggest advantages are call quality, the many included features, and reliable performance,” he says.

Company profile

DigitalChalk provides a cloud-based, online education authoring and delivery platform with integrated turn-key e-commerce designed to meet the training needs of small organizations to large enterprises.

Year founded: 2006


Asheville, NC

Size: 16 employees

“I use Meetings more than I use RingCentral for telephony. It’s how I start collaborating with customers.”


—Dave Tinker,

Customer Advocate

“RingCentral’s biggest advantages are call quality, the many included features, and reliable performance.”


—Dave Tinker,

Customer Advocate