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Fargo Systems

About Fargo Systems 
Fargo Systems Ltd (FSL) is a market leader in business software and services to the haulage and logistics sector. The company has a deep understanding of the shipping and transport industry with roots that date much further back than the company’s inception in 2002. 

Fargo Systems enables organisations to improve their business processes and efficiency around cargo management and haulage. 'Imagine a ship with 15,000 containers arriving at Felixstowe' explained Steve, General Manager. 'Every container must clear customs and has a meticulously coordinated plan for onward travel which may include road, rail, sea or barge. Containers have a unique ID and need to be traceable at any point in their journey. It’s a complex business and there can be significant storage fines for containers left at the dock so it pays to plan and manage operations effectively'. 

Serving many locations 
Fargo Systems is dispersed geographically. Product development is in Exeter, offices are in London and the support and implementations teams are based in East Anglia. 'As the market leader, we needed a professional phone solution but a traditional PBX solution was prohibitive,' explained Steve Collins, General Manager. 'A traditional PBX solution is designed for many people in one location and our business needed an enterprise class solution for staff over several locations.' 

A phone solution with advanced features 
Fargo Systems researched the market for a phone solution that linked all three offices under one phone number. The company selected RingCentral for its flexibility in call management and consistent quality service and have been making the most of the advanced features in the solution ever since. 'Staff particularly like the voicemail to email functionality which they find convenient while travelling,' Steve added. 

A reliable support service 
As part of their solution, Fargo Systems provides hotline support to over 1,200 users in 15 countries. 'It’s critical that we are able to promptly answer and route calls to our consultants wherever they may be'. Steve stressed. 'It would be a disaster if we didn’t have a reliable phone solution like RingCentral.' 

Ease of setup 
Support staff and consultants are widely distributed and provide customer support in two shifts. The RingCentral solution is adjusted to accommodate the varying work patterns and availability of each consultant and can be quickly updated to change working hours and apply diverts for holidays and sickness. 'Consultants are experts in their field and cannot be covered by temporary staff,' Steve explained. The call management capabilities in RingCentral give us good coverage with the consultants we have available which means we don’t need to overstaff to provide the level of support that our customers expect.' 

ROI on marketing 
Fargo Systems has established market leadership with 75% market share and continues to promote the company through traditional marketing channels including PR, industry news, email shots, cold calling and exhibitions. The company receives a number of sales calls from their marketing efforts and the non-geographic number provides a professional image for the business, allowing prospects to contact the team on local call rates. 

Fargo Systems is diversifying into new transport sectors and expanding the team next year. RingCentral will be scaling with the business and continuing to provide a quality support platform from its new European data centre.

Company profile

FSL supply specialised software to the transport and logistics and sector and is the market leader in container management solutions


Headquarters: Exeter, East Anglia, London

Size: 10+ employees

RingCentral customer since: 2009



"A traditional PBX solution is designed for many people in one location. Our business needed an enterprise class solution for staff over several locations. It would be a disaster if we didn’t have a reliable phone solution like RingCentral."
- Steve Collins, General Manager