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Hott Solutions

Hott Solutions

Hott Solutions Creates a Cloud-based Call Center
with RingCentral for Desk

Before David Hott founded Hott Solutions, he was CIO of a commercial real state company, where he became very familiar with the property management solution, Yardi. As he built his own company, he made sure to bring in expertise in all aspects of Yardi, from the dozens of multi-tenant and commercial property management modules to specialized applications for senior and military housing and self-storage unit rentals. This expertise allows Hott Solutions to provide comprehensive Yardi help desk services, which it does for real estate companies with as few as 50 employees to as many as 3,000.

Wanted: more than VoIP
Hott’s original phone system was an enterprise VoIP solution. When that system reached end of life, the company identified several criteria for its replacement.

“We wanted a phone system that was cloud-based and easy to administer, and had cutting-edge phone functionality,” says Sam Ghnaim, Director of Managed Services at Hott. “But just as important was the ability to integrate the phone system with some of the other solutions we have in place.”

One of those solutions is the Salesforce application,, which Hott uses as its customer support platform. In fact, Kevin Moller, Senior Project Manager at Hott Solutions, had done some work for one of Hott’s clients to integrate Desk with Yardi Voyager to streamline their leasing process. When Ghnaim found RingCentral for Desk, he realized that by integrating the phone system with Desk, they could streamline help desk operations even further.

Creating a cloud-based call center
“I liked that with RingCentral for Desk we could tie our phone system into our ticketing system [based on Desk] to create a true call center,” says Ghnaim.

Each Hott employee has a computer equipped with RingCentral for Desk, allowing the company to eliminate phone hardware completely. “It was a snap to set everything up,” Ghnaim adds. “We had our help desk queue set up in RingCentral in no time and it was very easy to port our numbers from our VoIP system to RingCentral. All that went seamlessly.”

Customers are blown away
Requests for Yardi support come into Hott in a variety of ways—some via email, some through a support portal, and some via phone. The phone calls go into a RingCentral queue.

When an agent picks up a call from the queue, because RingCentral is integrated with Desk, he or she immediately sees all of the existing information in Desk about that caller, including past support activities. Desk automatically generates a support ticket, and the agent then works that ticket.

“RingCentral and Desk are an awesome combination, and 100% better than what we had before,” says Ghnaim. “It makes a night-and-day difference in the kind of service we can offer.”

Hott’s customers agree. “I wanted to express my gratitude for Hott Solutions support,” wrote Stephanie Francis, Assistant Manager of Bridgeyard Apartments. “I am completely blown away at the turnaround time for tickets I have submitted in the last one to two weeks. I have literally had a same day, even one- to two-hour turnaround time on some tickets, without even requesting an expedited timeframe.”

Company profile

Hott Solutions provides consulting services to help real estate companies implement and use Yardi property management software.


San Mateo, CA

25 employees

“RingCentral and Desk are an awesome combination, and 100% better than what we had before. It makes a night-and-day difference in the kind of service we can offer.”

— Sam Ghnaim, Director of Managed Services