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Martin & Co - Rotherham estate agent and letting agent

Martin & Co (Rotherham & Chesterfield)

With a network of almost 200 offices, Martin & Co is the largest franchised property business in the UK. It provides a local letting and sales service with the backing of a national brand and professional head office support. Portfolio landlord, Tony Deveney, opened his own franchise covering Rotherham and Chesterfield areas in 2006.  With a National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP) qualification, Tony has a keen understanding of the sales and rental market and the service that landlords and property sellers are looking for.

“Our industry hasn’t got the best reputation. It isn’t regulated, which often puts tenants, landlords and property sellers at risk. We are proud of the fact that we are voluntary members of the Lettings Property Ombudsman. It gives our clients the trust and assurance they need that we are adhering to industry best practice,” said Tony Deveney, Franchisee, Martin & Co “Providing the best in class customer service is vital for us.  I believe we’re one of only a few estate and letting agents in the UK that answers calls 24/7 365 days a year and puts customer service at the forefront of what we do.”

Team flexibility like never before

Martin & Co needed a telephone system that would allow team members to be completely flexible. In the property industry, negotiators are always on the move, visiting current and prospective clients and conducting property viewings, so the organisation needed the ability to route calls quickly and keep them fully connected to the office, regardless of their location.

“In our line of work, team members need the flexibility of working from home or on the road.   Thanks to the RingCentral phone system, they have flexibility to work from any location while still being fully connected,” said Tony. “The system has also allowed us to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, so that employees have the freedom to use their own smartphone or tablet and don’t have to carry around two separate devices.  It’s a win-win situation really, as it also means we don’t have to purchase devices for everyone.”

Prior to using RingCentral, Martin & Co used traditional PBX systems in each location, meaning they could not transfer calls between offices. They also lacked call routing for team members that were out of the office, and as a result, struggled to give clients the level of customer service they hoped to.

“With our previous telephone system, we felt like we were tied to a single location. Team members  couldn’t leave their desks without worrying that they would miss an important call that could lead to a sale. Also, we were completely siloed without the ability to transfer calls to each office.  With our new system, offices are now completely connected and the mobile application gives the team freedom and flexibility to route calls and send important documentation to clients or back to the office on the fly. This means they are always 100% productive, no matter where they choose to work from.”

“With our previous telephone system, we were not only limited geographically, but we were also restricted by the limited amount of phone lines that we had. Having numerous telephone lines is expensive on a traditional PBX system, so our clients were often left on hold or with an engaged tone when trying to get through to our office.  When all the lines were busy, the team were unable to make outgoing calls, which had a huge impact on productivity levels. Since implementing a cloud-based telephone system, we have as many lines as we need, so customers never have a problem reaching us and the team never struggle to make calls.”

Cost efficient and easy to use

“We came across RingCentral during an Internet search. I filled out an online form and my account manager was very friendly and helpful.  I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to set up. The telephones arrived a day after I ordered them and once they were plugged in, they were ready to use. The technical team was also on hand to train us to use the system,” said Tony.

“We’re a small office so the system works for us financially too. There is no hardware taking up office space, which has also saved us money, and the operational costs are very transparent so we never come across any unexpected expenses. As the system is cloud-based, we can also scale it up and down as needed, so if we want to expand the business, we can add more users and lines at the click of a button.”

“The best thing about the telephone system is that it’s so easy to use. I don’t need to have an IT team looking after it – each individual employee can simply log onto their own RingCentral account and configure their own phones to suit them. It doesn’t take a technical mind to figure out.”


Completely in the cloud

“RingCentral stands out from its competitors as it offers an all-in-one cloud communications system that caters to our own individual needs as a company,” said Tony. “We’re a very technology-focused company and all the underlying technology we use is cloud-based, from our document-handling tools, to our data storage.   We’re really keen on new, innovative technology that helps us run our business easily and efficiently, while also being affordable, and RingCentral fits perfectly within that.”

Future growth through innovative, cloud-based technology

In the future, Martin & Co plans to continue exploring innovative, cloud technology to help them provide the best possible customer service.

“In an industry like ours, we are often a faceless name at the end of a telephone for people that are going through a very important and stressful period of their lives. That’s why we’re exploring new ways of communicating with our clients, such as HD video conferencing. This will help us provide a more personable customer service than we already do, especially for those clients who aren’t geographically positioned to see us face-to-face very often.”

“We’ll also be exploring how we can use tools such as HD video conferencing to communicate with tenants and assess which contractors to send out if they are experiencing any urgent issues in their rented properties. We’re huge ambassadors of innovative technology that helps run and grow our business successfully, and cloud technology like RingCentral is helping us do just that.”

Company profile

With a network of almost 200 offices, Martin & Co is the largest franchised property business in the UK. It provides a local letting and sales service with the backing of a national brand and professional head office support.


Two franchise offices based in Rotherham and Chesterfield, UK

Size: 12 employees

RingCentral customer since:

March 2014


“Our key differentiator is that we provide customer service like no other estate and lettings agent. Many of our customers are people going through a highly stressful time, so we need to ensure we are always available to respond to any questions or concerns they have. Since implementing RingCentral’s cloud-based telephone system, we’ve seen a huge improvement in customer satisfaction.”

– Tony Deveney,

Franchisee, Martin & Co


& Chesterfield)