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Nuada Medical

Nuada Medical

RingCentral Office Makes Scalability and Resourcing
Efficient for Nuada Medical

Founded in 2010, Nuada Medical is a doctor- and employee-owned partnership clinic, attracting outstanding talent interested in building a private practice in a collaborative and innovative environment. The healthcare provider, with offices in Harley Street, London; and Oxfordshire, is a 70+ staff organisation, working to deliver a clinical approach driven by research, technology, and expertise to achieve a precise, personalised, and minimally invasive pathway for all patients.

For the past three years, Nuada Medical has used RingCentral Office for its business communications needs, a decision that Innovation & Technology Manager Giorgio Viani says has enabled the business to easily scale its operations and puts the company in a great position for further expansion.

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that RingCentral Office has made my job significantly easier,” says Giorgio. “The majority of our workforce uses landlines so adding users and troubleshooting dodgy lines to ensure our business stayed up and running with our legacy PBX system took up a huge part of my day. As soon as we switched to RingCentral Office these issues went away, and I have noticed time savings of around 70% when setting up and configuring people’s telephones.”

“Having a completely web-based business communications system also has other direct benefits for our patients. When you’re dealing with health, it’s really important that you can get hold of a healthcare professional when you need one. If any of my colleagues are away or busy, I can set their calls to automatically forward to somebody else to ensure our patients are looked after. This used to take more than 5 minutes, but thanks to the RingCentral Office admin portal, I can now do this in about 30 seconds.”

As well as setting up new users and setting up auto forwarding, the admin portal has given Giorgio access to a variety of different call metrics. With RingCentral Office, Giorgio can now provide management with information on call duration, time between calls, and total number of calls, which are used to train the staff and boost overall business efficiency.

“I am surprised by how much a communications system could affect the overall business success,” says Giorgio. “I am completely confident that our business could double in size tomorrow and we would have everybody up and running within 24 hours. I can set up each user account in under a minute, order whatever hardware they have pre-installed with each user’s details, and as long as I have internet and a socket, it will work right away. The scalability of RingCentral Office means that Nuada Medical will never have to worry about our business communications again.”

Company profile

Nuada Medical is a doctor and employee co-owned partnership with a mission to provide outstanding healthcare for patients.


Harley Street, London; and Oxfordshire

70+ (mid-sized)

“I have noticed time savings of around 70% when setting up and configuring people’s telephones.”

— Giorgio Viani, Innovation and Technology Manager