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Impressed by RingCentral Customer Service and Ease of Installa-
tion, RapidCom Becomes Reseller Partner

RapidCom Limited
RapidCom Ltd. is a supplier and installer of fibre optic internet, serviced office solutions, voice and data solutions, structured cabling, IT support, and web design. The company is rapidly becoming an IT and telecoms supplier of choice to many local businesses in Park Royal, North West London.

RapidCom is owned by parent company Cygnet Properties & Leisure Plc, which was formed in July 1997. The aim of the company is to invest in the UK’s property market. Primarily, the company acquires freehold properties, where opportunities exist to increase the capital value. RapidCom was set up by the company to manage its tenants’ IT and telecoms needs, and provide complimentary services to its office tenants.

Up and running before others are out of bed
With the responsibility of supplying IT and telecoms equipment to other companies, RapidCom’s own tech suppliers were always going to be put under scrutiny from expert buyers. Coming from a telecoms background himself, the company’s managing director, Sunny Sanghera, knew the marketplace and delivers a service that works with the clients’ specific communications requirements.

After using RingCentral to keep the four team members in contact across different locations, the company was so impressed it chose to become a reseller, offering the service to the companies it supplies with IT and telecoms equipment. These customers come through Cygnet and its range of serviced office locations, so RapidCom is one of the first contacts of new tenants. For telephony, Sanghera always offers an option: “The traditional landline supplier is going to come in four weeks’ time just to do a phone line, but with RingCentral we can have it installed and running in two days. There is no competition.”

Outstanding support as standard
After speaking with RingCentral’s chief engineer in the UK, Sanghera signed up to the service. What has kept him on board, and led to RapidCom offering the service to other customers, is the customer service and the ease of installation.

“I have one person I speak to, which is great because if I need to call for support, I don’t have to keep repeating myself if somebody new is answering the phone. On the rare occasion something can’t be immediately resolved, he’ll push it up and escalate right to the chief engineer of the UK, if appropriate, and always keep me in the loop. It’s really good knowing that our contact has the support behind him to be able to push customer queries right to the top, and great that as the provider has expanded, they have not forgotten about us or simply pushed sales while neglecting support.”

The company now supplies RingCentral technology to approximately 40 small to medium-sized businesses, around 100 handsets. “It’s organically growing. It’s picking up, and the support from RingCentral is amazing,” says Sanghera. “Our clients are really happy that we can deal with any problems right away. The fact that we can say ‘we can take care of it and you can relax’, they love that.”

Sanghera singles out the app and line switching capabilities as key components of why both RapidCom and its customers choose the company.

“The feedback to the app is amazing, everybody loves it. It’s so easy to use. It comes up with names of colleagues, so you don’t have to remember extension numbers. I think they have an edge over the competition, not just with the app, which I haven’t seen anywhere else, but also with their customer-focused attitude and product-leading knowledge.”

Sanghera mentions how useful it is to have the service based in the cloud without needing an installed line. “One customer has, I think, four handsets in Pakistan and another couple in India and Wisconsin, and another has handsets in Sweden and some Gulf countries.”

“Our customers are very happy with this flexibility. Even on a more local scale, it just works. Rather than panicking about not diverting a landline to a mobile when they leave the office and potentially missing calls, with this they can just jump on the internet, log in to the system, and forward it to the necessary phone.”

Company profile

RapidCom Ltd. is a supplier and installer of fibre optic internet, serviced office solutions, voice and data solutions, structured cabling, IT support, and web design.


Crown House
North Circular Road
Park Royal
London NW10 7PN

Size: 4 employees

RingCentral customer since: 2013

“We chose RingCentral because we were impressed by how user-friendly and how controllable the system is in allowing you to programme its use to your exact business requirements.”

–Sunny Sanghera,
Managing Director