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Stratejm Trusts RingCentral to Deliver Exceptional Customer
Service to Its Cybersecurity Clients

Prior to founding Stratejm in 2013, John Menezes ran a managed security service for eight years. His experience there confirmed his beliefs that:

  • Traditional approaches to cybersecurity that focus exclusively on prevention are unsustainable given the continuously evolving threat landscape.
  • A more effective strategy is to focus attention and resources on rapidly detecting and responding to intrusions.
  • Cloud-based security, provided as a subscription service, is significantly more efficient, effective, and cost-beneficial when compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Menezes applied these insights when he launched Stratejm, a modern cybersecurity as a service solution. Stratejm’s solution, which provides full visibility across all logged IT assets, includes a major emphasis on early detection and rapid response. The Stratejm solution is quickly implemented, is a turnkey solution, and has proven to be very effective for a wide range of customer situations.

Success requires an effective solution plus great customer service.
Menezes also recognised that a technical solution alone would not guarantee Stratejm’s success. He knew that exceptional customer service would be a critical success factor.

That meant implementing a comprehensive, cloud-based business communications solution for Stratejm’s secure cyber intelligence centre—a solution that allows customers to contact Stratejm using the method of their choice, including voice, chat, text, email or video.

Menezes was not interested in installing a traditional PBX system in his office. As he researched cloud-based communications systems, colleagues suggested he look at RingCentral. He did just that, and found that RingCentral offered all the capabilities he required and more. “So, I signed up with RingCentral,” says Menezes, “It was as simple as that, and it has worked out very well.”

Menezes also learned that RingCentral offers open APIs and a mobile app that allows users to integrate RingCentral and all its capabilities directly into frequently used business applications, including ServiceNow and Office 365, both of which Stratejm uses. These integrations have provided Stratejm’s customer service representatives with single-screen functionality and even greater ease of use, enabling them to record the details of every customer interaction accurately and address customer issues more quickly.

RingCentral solves many problems.
“RingCentral has exceeded our initial expectations,” says Menezes. “We originally looked at it simply as a phone system. We’ve since been delighted to learn that not only can we communicate easily with our customers, we can also use it for screen sharing. And, of course, we are using the integration with ServiceNow. We find that Stratejm analysts and our customers often prefer to communicate via video rather than voice, once they get to know each other.”

Menezes adds, “RingCentral was easy to configure and is very easy to use. The user interface is so simple and intuitive that our customer service analysts can configure the system themselves. RingCentral solves many problems for us.”

He explains that Stratejm is primarily a security company. If he had chosen to implement a traditional PBX system, he would have had to buy, install, and maintain various pieces of hardware and software and hire staff to manage and maintain it. He estimates the staff savings alone to be at least $75,000 annually.

“RingCentral completely eliminates capital cost, reliability, and integration issues,” Menezes says. “We’re a security company and I want us to spend all of our time, energy, and investments developing our product. I don’t want to worry about purchasing and managing other systems. RingCentral gives us everything we need without our having to invest in telephony equipment and expertise.”

Company profile

Stratejm is a recognized industry leader in cyber and data security that has developed and launched Canada’s first cybersecurity as a service platform.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

21 employees

“RingCentral takes several problems off my plate. I don’t have to worry about telephony. Now my analysts can communicate and collaborate with our customers in whatever way they choose including voice, chat, text, email and video. RingCentral enables us to make Stratejm friendlier for our customers. Thanks to RingCentral, we can deliver a great customer service experience. And that’s good for business.”

— John Menezes, President and CEO