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True Blue Life Insurance

True Blue Life Insurance

True Blue Life Insurance Sees RingCentral as Best UCaaS
for Starting and Growing an Online, Disruptive Business

If you need life insurance, True Blue Life Insurance Inc. (True Blue) promises to make it happen “as quickly and easily as humanly possible.” Although it used to take two or three months to purchase a policy, True Blue can shrink the process to as little as a day. The company uses technology (website, online quote generator, and a cloud communications solution) backed by experienced agents to deliver life insurance from A-rated insurance carriers.

“It’s not the old way of buying life insurance, which involved a salesperson in your living room with a 30-page application,” explains Brian Greenberg, CEO and founder of True Blue. “But the service, the quality companies, and the ethical commitment to the client are still the same.”

From the start, Greenberg’s mission was clear: be transparent, be honest, and help customers find the best policy without bugging or pushing them. He had the same kind of clarity regarding his UCaaS solution, RingCentral. “I did some internet consulting previously and worked with RingCentral and most of its competitors. RingCentral is by far the best,” he says.

Good for a start-up and for a mature business

Back when Greenberg started True Blue, RingCentral was one of the few solutions that allowed an incoming call to ring multiple numbers. “I could have a call ring my office phone, my home office phone, and my cell phone simultaneously,” he says. That way, he never missed a call, which was essential as he was building the business.

Since then, as True Blue and its communications needs have grown, RingCentral’s functionality has grown as well. “That’s something I really like about RingCentral,” Greenberg adds. “The company is committed to improving its products and is always adding functionality.” As one example, he cites the “awesome” high-definition (HD) call quality now available to all RingCentral customers.

These are some of the other RingCentral capabilities that, according to Greenberg, have helped drive True Blue’s growth:

RingCentral Office® call recording and integration with Zapier. As part of a regulated industry, True Blue must record certain calls, such as those that include a customer’s “voice signature,” which many insurance companies now accept. RingCentral lets True Blue save as many as 100,000 recordings and have them available for playback for up to 90 days. For recordings that True Blue must store longer than 90 days, such as those with voice signatures, Greenberg takes advantage of the RingCentral integration with Zapier, using a Zap that automatically saves those recordings to the company’s Google Drive™.

The ability to store call recordings indefinitely allowed True Blue to win a new insurance company client. “That was one of their requirements, and we were able to meet it easily thanks to RingCentral and Google Drive,” he notes.

RingCentral Meetings™. Nearly all of the True Blue team members work remotely. Weekly video meetings using RingCentral Meetings help build a level of familiarity among them that fosters greater collaboration. “It’s so important for people to see each other,” Greenberg explains. “It builds more of a relationship. Anyone using remote workers should use video conferencing.” He also uses RingCentral Meetings for video training sessions with the agents. He gets additional value out the training sessions by recording them and then making them available on the company intranet.

RingCentral Internet Fax®. In many cases, clients have to fax signed documents to their True Blue agent. Thanks to RingCentral Office, they can use a local number for that. (In addition to a toll-free number on its website, True Blue has a local RingCentral number in every US area code.) True Blue agents take advantage of RingCentral Internet Fax when they have to fax documents to the insurance companies. RingCentral Internet Fax makes the process more efficient because they can send faxes directly from their computers using the FaxOut feature. “This also reduces our costs, because our remote employees no longer need fax machines,” Greenberg adds.

RingCentral accounts for a 15% revenue boost

Greenberg estimates that overall, the advantages that come from having RingCentral, instead of a less robust communications solution, generate a 15% increase in revenue for True Blue. From making employees more productive, to helping Greenberg manage more effectively, to giving True Blue the technology it needs to attract the best insurance companies into its network, RingCentral is helping the company succeed as a disruptor in the life insurance space.

Company profile

True Blue Life Insurance is an independent life insurance agency representing more than 50 of the best life insurance companies nationwide.

Year founded:


Scottsdale, AZ

13+ employees

“I did some internet consulting previously and worked with RingCentral and most of its competitors. RingCentral is by far the best.”

— Brian Greenberg, CEO
and Founder, True Blue
Life Insurance

“That’s something I really like about RingCentral. The company is committed to improving its products and is always adding functionality.”

— Brian Greenberg, CEO
and Founder, True Blue
Life Insurance