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Richard Swalberg
Jan 18, 2017
App gets stuck open and devours phone battery occasionally. If you're not paying attention to whether the app stays active, it can empty your battery in under two hours!
Anonymous null
Jan 17, 2017
Very good experience!
Ceferino Delos Santos
Jan 13, 2017
Very useful
Anonymous null
Jan 13, 2017
Ya Cool
Chris Hartley
Jan 12, 2017
A good option Comments: RingCentral is easy to use. Works great as a phone, although clarity and connection to data/Wifi can sometimes be less than perfect. I especially like the fax option, as I don't need fax often, and therefore would not want a fax unit taking up space in my office. Pros: Ease of use, fax machine built into app Cons: Doesn't always provide a clear connection. Calls sometimes get dropped.
Rob Beretics
Jan 11, 2017
Great app and customer service I have used the service for my business for 18 months now. All technology has its ups and downs but customer service is very helpful and the app keeps getting better and better. I could never go back to a regular land line service. Keep up the great work guys ☺
Ahmad Javad
Jan 10, 2017
Dirfareed Hight
Tessa K.
Jan 10, 2017
Office VoIP System with Straightforward, Useful Features What do you like best? Made the process of managing your own phone system reasonably simple. Transferring calls and conferencing in other callers is straightforward. The fax system was great, very easy to track history and what successfully transmitted. It was similarly useful being able to listen to voicemails online and getting a notification via email to include in your to-do email list. I don't have experience with other VoIP systems so maybe these things are standard but I feel this system offers everything I could expect from software of this nature. What do you dislike? Based on feedback from our administrator, the support seemed limited and it was difficult to change the structure of the system once it was initially set up, i.e. giving past employees' phones to new employees and reassigning the extensions, as well as reassigning extensions in general. Also, this may be no fault of the system but some faxes would fail occasionally, likely due to the receiver's set up rather than RingCentral. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? We are able to send faxes online because some companies unfortunately still require them, and we are able to organize our phone extensions to set up our directory in a way that makes sense for customers and allows pertinent calls to go to groups (such as Sales, Accounting, etc).
Jan 07, 2017
Great app
Brandon F.
Jan 06, 2017
The Cadillac of phone services What do you like best? RingCentral is reliable. Call quality is very crisp. Support is awesome. What more could you want? What do you dislike? From time to time there is a slight lag. Recommendations to others considering the product Got for it. You'll be glad you did. Phone calls are the life blood of the business, don't cheap out on choosing the right option. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? RingCentral was the tool that connects us to our prospects in order to build relationships that turn into revenue. We've used some open source technologies that were a nightmare, so the ultimate benefit of RingCentral is reliability.
Rob Beretics
Jan 06, 2017
Sms caller id I can not change the caller id on sms and i was able to before the update please help.
Graham Theriault
Jan 05, 2017
Very Easy Digital Facsimile Solution Comments: RingCentral is a slick way to fill the need of a digital fax machine right on your desktop. If you are like me and prefer to create .pdfs as fax packages, RingCentral is for you. Simply input the fax number you are transmitting to, select whether or not you want to include a cover sheet (RingCentral makes it very easy to create a custom cover sheet on-the-spot for that particular fax) and upload your file. Hit send and you are golden. Send faxed immediately or queue them up to strategically send later. Very easy and user-friendly. Pros: Easy, easy, easy. Flexibility regarding sending .pdfs as traditional faxes. Cons: Nothing. Recommendations to other buyers: If you need a digital fax solution and are handy with creating .pdfs, then this is the application for you.
Tracy Hadel
Jan 05, 2017
Have used for several years Comments: I have never had a problem getting support when there is a glitch. I love that I can "prove" that something was faxed when dealing with insurance companies, because all of my faxes are right there. Pros: Ease of use. Cons: Have had minimal problems. Maybe 2x in 5 years.
Stephen S
Jan 05, 2017
Stephens: I m very happy for your support in my small business,have a three years on this business with out success from it. and I wish to start it from zero to big. make me be success on it
Anonymous null
Jan 05, 2017
Very Pleased with Ring Central Bandwidth is a factor in voice quality and phone connectivity, but other than that everything has worked as expected and excllent. Please explain your willingness or hesitation to recommend this product or service. There are no downsides to this product, after careful research is has the most features and ease of use. What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers? Utilize all of the features, they are great! What do you like most about the product or service? Everything
Heather Crowley
Jan 05, 2017
Great product Comments: Easy to navigate the system. Set up was simple. A lot of options and settings to customize to what you want. great customer service for any questions or concerns!
Kimeka Hunt, MBAHA
Jan 03, 2017
Our agency has a long standing partnership with Ring Central. Thus far, our experiences have been nothing but positive. The system is easy to use and permits convenient access. Honestly, I have referred to Ring Central in two instances – while at the BMV – to help another customer obtain and/.or send documents needed for their BMV transactions. I would definitely refer Ring Central to others.
Andrea S.
Jan 02, 2017
I have used other VoIP providers but have been happiest by far with RingCentral’s service.
Tamario Mcnair
Jan 02, 2017
Ring Central
Dec 24, 2016
Ringcentral is cool #1
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