RingCentral Office

Call Routing & Answering Rules

Call routing service directs incoming calls with custom answering rules so you can ensure calls get to the right person, whenever and wherever they are.

RingCentral Call Routing Service with Intelligent Answering Rules

RingCentral Office® saves you the investment and ongoing expense of call answering services or personnel. By using the built-in answering rules, your incoming calls are routed based on criteria such as the caller's number, the number being dialed, the time of day, or day of the week. The calls are then routed to specific phone numbers/extensions or sent to voicemail. If desired, you can modify the rules so incoming callers are asked to speak their names—so you know who is calling before the call is connected. Unwanted or nuisance calls can easily be blocked as well. Answering rules are quickly and easily updated through the RingCentral online interface—accessible via any computer or mobile device.

Benefits of answering rules

Customise call answering and call routing rules.

  • Create and manage answering rules at your convenience from any computer or device with an internet connection.
  • Telephone call routing rules can direct incoming phone calls to specific extensions, send them through to voicemail, or forward them to any telephone number at any location.
  • Calls can be automatically forwarded to any phone in the world. Callers always reach the right person, whenever and wherever they are—so you never miss an important call.

Take advantage of powerful scheduling options.

  • Avoid the ongoing expense of call answering services and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring callers are handled quickly during office hours, after-hours, and on weekends and holidays.
  • Customise days and hours of operation with specific call routing rules and greetings.
  • Set specific business hours for each employee and department—create and update their unique answering rules as needed. If someone is out sick, for instance, you can change their answering rules swiftly, to ensure business continuity.
  • Use custom greetings during specified date ranges or for holidays and special events.
  • Set after-hours rules to route calls to a home number, directly to voicemail, or to another number elsewhere. For example, after-hours phone calls can be forwarded immediately to the relevant department in another time zone.
  • Rule scheduling allows calls to your sales department, for example, to transfer to one agent on Mondays and Wednesdays, and to another agent the rest of the week.

Direct calls based on the number dialed.

  • Use custom answering rules to have important clients, managers, or family members forwarded directly to a specific extension, business phone, mobile phone, or personal number.
  • Apply different rules to different numbers if your company has more than one RingCentral number—useful for maintaining multiple company names, multiple departments, or for tracking your marketing campaigns.

Call routing and answering rules FAQs

Can I have different greetings play at different times of the day?

  • Yes. You can record multiple greetings and have the system play your greetings based on your desired schedule.

Can I forward my RingCentral number to a different phone during off-hours?

  • Yes. You can change your forwarding options according to the day of the week and time of the day.

Can I permit only certain people to reach me during off-hours?

  • Yes. You can allow certain contacts to reach you at your RingCentral number during holiday, off-hours, or certain times of the day. Another rule can be configured to simultaneously send all other callers to voicemail or to another phone number, such as a colleague’s or manager’s number.

Can I ring a group of phones at the same time?

  • Yes. An administrator can add extensions to a virtual extension, or “ring group.” Incoming calls to the ring group extension will ring all the phones in the group at the same time, so that anyone who is available can answer the call from the nearest phone in the ring group.

Do I get notifications for calls I miss?

  • Yes. Notifications generated by your account are sent via email informing you of voicemails you have received or missed calls. You can also be notified when you receive a fax and be notified of the transmission results when you send a fax.

Can I transfer live calls from one phone to another?

  • Yes. Call Flip lets you transparently “flip” a live call to another desk phone, smartphone, or softphone—without placing the caller on hold. Simply press the asterisk (“star”) key and the digit that corresponds with the phone you want to flip the call to (or click the Call Flip icon in the RingCentral mobile or desktop app). You can allocate up to 9 different phone numbers in your online account to use with Call Flip.

Can I forward calls from VIPs to a special extension?

  • Yes. You can configure answering rules so that specific inbound phone numbers are recognised and automatically forwarded to any number or extension you choose.