RingCentral Office

Telephone Extensions

Your RingCentral phone system provides great flexibility, allowing you to create
phone extensions instantly for departments and individuals—across many devices
and global locations.

RingCentral Telephone Extensions & Virtual Numbers For Your Business


Telephone extensions are interoffice phone numbers employees can use to call each other without having to dial a full phone number on a direct line. They are connected to the company's main phone number. RingCentral uses virtual telephone extensions, which are easier to manage and more flexible than standard extensions.

With RingCentral, you no longer have to be in the same office to use extension numbers to reach colleagues. Virtual extensions are not tied to a single building location. They only require one live phone line and an Internet connection to become active, enabling your distributed employees to work anywhere and still collaborate. They can also be connected to mobile devices and the RingCentral for Desktop app so employees can take calls even when there’s no physical desk phone available.

Every extension works as independently as direct phone numbers, and can be assigned to individuals or departments. Each has its own voicemail and call routing flows to ensure prompt, personalised responses.

RingCentral extensions are quick to set up and easy to manage since you don't need to hire a technician to help you make changes. You can do it all from your RingCentral online account.

Telephone extension benefits


Virtual extensions scale easily with your expanding business. They are included in your RingCentral service and are free to set up and use, so you can assign them to your entire company as needed, no matter where they are located.

  • Unite your local and distributed teams by connecting multiple office locations and mobile employees under one phone system.
  • Physical phones aren’t required. All you need is one live phone line and an Internet connection.
  • Create phone extensions for as many groups or departments as needed so callers can be routed more efficiently.
  • Automatically create a full company directory based on in-use numbers, enabling callers to quickly find the right person the first time.


Every extension is full-featured and can work independently like a direct phone number, so employees and departments don’t have to rely on company-level messaging or call routing. Instead, they can easily apply their own call settings to their number to support their unique environment.

  • Every number has its own dedicated voicemail inbox, ensuring no one ever misses an incoming message or fax.
  • Employees can set up multiple custom greetings for their extension, rotating them at will, without impacting the main company number.
  • Departments can set up recorded announcements related to events in their department to eliminate the need to answer the phone for commonly requested information, such as hours of operation.
  • Each number can have their own specific call routing flows to ensure calls are directed to the right team and right location without manual intervention or impact to the main company number.


RingCentral extensions give you the flexibility you need to respond to the rapid pace of business. Conveniently make changes whenever your circumstances change. Manage it all yourself with a few clicks in your RingCentral online account, without additional costs or specialists.

  • Add extensions to cover a busy period or to route calls more efficiently. Remove them when they are no longer needed. Changes take effect immediately.
  • Incoming calls transfer and route as quickly and efficiently as direct phone numbers so customers are never kept waiting.
  • Virtual extensions work inside and outside of the office. You can use them to reach colleagues whether they’re across the building or in an entirely different country. Your call will connect as immediately and seamlessly as a direct phone line.
  • Department numbers are easy to update with organisational changes. Employees can be removed or added to multiple departments, each with its own answering rules, voicemail inbox, and on-hold experience.
  • Take your work with you. You don't have to be tied to the office to receive calls on your extension. Just forward your calls to your mobile device or RingCentral for Desktop app to ensure colleagues can reach you anywhere on your business number.

Telephone extensions FAQs

What are virtual telephone extensions?

  • RingCentral uses virtual telephone extensions, which are advanced and flexible shortcut phone numbers employees can use to call colleagues without dialing a complete phone number. You can receive calls and faxes just like you would with a direct phone number. Each number comes with its own voicemail, custom greetings, Internet fax, and advanced call forwarding and answering rules.

How do I add extensions to my company's main phone number?

  • Once your company's main number is up and running, you can log into your RingCentral online account to generate and assign them to any user, group, or department.

How much does it cost to add an extension?

  • Phone number extensions are free to set up and use.

Do I need to have a desk phone or physical phone in order to use an extension?

  • No, since these are virtual extensions connected to your company's main phone number, you don't need a physical phone to use them. You just need an Internet connection and your mobile device app or computer desktop app to be able to take calls.

Who can add, modify, or remove extensions on my phone system?

  • Your system administrator can make changes from the RingCentral online account.

Do I get a direct phone number for every extension?

  • No, these are dependent on your company's main phone line.

Can I dial an outside number with an extension?

  • Yes, you can use RingCentral RingOut to conveniently call outside numbers.

Can I set a different voicemail or email notification for each extension?

  • Yes, each one has its own dedicated voicemail and email notifications settings. You can set your preferences from your RingCentral online account.