RingCentral Office


Announce calls and ping colleagues for quick conversations.

RingCentral Intercom

Feature benefits:

Make announcements to colleagues in any location

  • Easily announce parked calls, visitors and deliver quick messages to colleagues from your desk phone.
  • Reach any colleague in any office.
  • Customize settings to determine who can contact you.
  • Use your Softphone to initiate Intercom to any RingCentral desk phone.


Which desk phones have Intercom?

  • Intercom feature is supported on all RingCentral Cisco and Polycom desk phones.

Who can enable Intercom and set permissions?

  • Intercom feature is turned off by default. Both admins and users have the ability to turn on the feature and determine who can Intercom them.

How does Intercom work with Call Park?

  • You can conveniently park calls for colleagues using Call Park soft key on desk phones, then use Intercom soft key to announce to colleagues.

Does Intercom work on RingCentral Mobile App and Softphone?

  • Intercom is currently not available on RingCentral Mobile App.
  • Using Softphone, you can initiate Intercom with a touch tone command. However, Softphone can not receive Intercom.