Local Phone Numbers

Establish a local presence in over 600 available area codes.

Establish a local presence in over 

600 available area codes.

Choose a local phone number

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Local Phone Numbers

Establish a local presence in over 600 available area codes.

Benefits of a local phone number:

Versatile options for your RingCentral local number.
  • Select local numbers in any location and establish yourself as a local business.
  • Route calls to your freephone numbers anywhere worldwide, such as your home, business, or smartphone, with robust answering rules.
  • Display your RingCentral local number as your outbound caller ID from any phone.
  • Add direct - dial numbers for employees, departments, remote offices, and even dedicated fax numbers.
Use RingCentral local smart numbers for voice and fax.
  • You only need one number for voice and fax communication.
  • Simply add your local phone number to your website and business cards as “Phone + Fax”.
  • You’ll never miss a call or fax and your customers will never hear a busy signal, even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax transmission.

Local phone FAQs:

How can I order my local number and when can I start using it?
  • During the signup process, RingCentral will ask whether you want a local or freephone number.
  • Once the process is complete, you can start using your new number right away.
  • Every RingCentral Office customer can order additional numbers for multiple locations, all of which will be synchronised within your account.
Why get a local number as opposed to a freephone number?
  • A local number gives a sense of being local to potential customers.
  • Local customers also have the convenience of making a local call to reach you.
  • For example, an estate agent in Greater Manchester with an 01706 area code may want to advertise a phone number closer to the centre of Manchester in the 0161 area code. Phone calls to the 0161 area code number can be forwarded to a mobile phone, home phone, etc.
How can I instantly reply to voicemail using my phone and/or computer?
  • You can dial in to your account and listen to your voicemail at any time.
  • After you listen to your message, your Auto-Receptionist will ask you if you want to reply, if so, just press a number on your phone to automatically connect to the caller.
  • You can also reply to callers from your computer.
  • All calls and faxes are logged in to your online account, and all phone numbers in your account are active links.
  • Click on the link and you’ll activate RingOut click-to-call dialling.
  • RingOut seamlessly connects you via the network phone you’re currently using, with VoIP service.
Can I get multiple local numbers from different parts of the UK, even if I don't have offices there?
  • Yes. You can order as many numbers with as many local area codes as you need.
What do you charge for local numbers?
  • Your plan includes one company-level fax number and one company-level main number which may be freephone or local numbers.
  • Each additional local number is only £4.00 a month and includes all the same RingCentral features as your other RingCentral numbers.

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