RingCentral Office

Message Alerts

Configure your service to deliver voice and fax message notifications by email.

RingCentral Message Alerts

Feature benefits:

Powerful delivery and notification options

  • Get instant notifications whenever you receive voicemails, faxes, missed calls and urgent messages.
  • Advanced Notifications allows you to specify different email notification addresses for each type of notification.
  • On/off controls for email messages are controlled by checkboxes conveniently located at the top of the screen.
  • Configure voicemail and fax notifications to be sent with or without attachments.
  • Messages can be marked as 'read' once they are emailed to you, which keeps your call log clear and spacious.

Spend less time faxing, more time working

  • No need to wait by a fax machine to make sure your fax was sent - let the system notify you on your chosen devices.
  • Monitor fax transmissions in your online account, and receive email confirmations of successful fax delivery.

Centralised records of all your communications

  • Use call logs to view all inbound and outbound communication on your account.
  • Maintain records, promptly return calls and control costs.


How will I be notified of new messages?

  • RingCentral users have an online account where they configure their answering and notification options.
  • If you want to be notified when a new fax or voicemail arrives for you, select that you want to be alerted via email.

What if I'm travelling abroad?

  • You can have your calls reach you on any international number by setting your call forwarding preferences to direct calls to the overseas number.

Can I hear the voicemail or see the fax as soon as I'm notified?

  • Yes. Once you're notified, just log into your online account or open your email and then open the voicemail or fax.