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Online meetings

Hold HD online meetings from your favorite device, anytime and anywhere, with RingCentral Meetings.

RingCentral Online Meetings

RingCentral Meetings empowers your workforce to collaborate from any location with face-to-face online meetings in high definition. Share your screen, websites, documents, and more with easy access to files in cloud storage.

Benefits of online meetings:

Online meetings offer an easy, flexible way to connect.

  • Collaborate with colleagues, clients and prospects from any location, if they are in RingCentral’s network or not.
  • Meetings works on your Mac® or Windows® computer, or from your mobile device.
  • The number of participants you can host in a meeting depends on your edition. The Enterprise edition allows up to 50 participants, including the host.
  • RingCentral Meetings works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®. Start or schedule an online meeting directly from Outlook with just a click. Changes in scheduled events in Outlook calendar instantly update your RingCentral Meetings app.
  • Integrated with iCal and Google Calendar™, RingCentral Meetings makes scheduling and sending meeting invites easy and convenient.

Drive team collaboration with advanced functionality.

  • Keep meetings engaging with active speaker spotlight for all participants. RingCentral Meetings uses voice recognition to automatically highlight the current speaker, so it’s easy to keep track of the conversation.
  • The host can give participants access to share their screens. If access is granted, participants can even take control of one another's screens, making changes to documents or spreadsheets with ease. Online presentations are easily made collaborative, allowing the presenter to pass the screen sharing capability to another team member with ease. The person sharing can also use the markup tools to draw on their screen to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Anyone in the meeting can initiate a text chat. Address the group as a whole, or hold private, one-on-one discussions.
  • Access and share files from cloud storage apps Box, Dropbox™, and Google Drive™.

Easy-to-use host controls ensure the meeting stays on track.

  • Direct the group’s attention to key areas of an online presentation with annotation tools.
  • Advanced meeting controls and settings optimise your online meetings and promote easy collaboration among participants.
  • Record meetings and store them to review or share at a later time; or grant permission for any participant to record a meeting.
  • Mute or block participants to prevent them from interrupting or joining a meeting in progress.
  • Proactively spotlight a specific speaker, giving the presenter sole audio and sharing capabilities.

Mobilise your online meetings.

  • RingCentral Meetings works well for companies implementing bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, because it empowers employees to work the way they want with their favorite devices. Unlike some of the free, consumer-grade online meeting apps, RingCentral Meetings ensures that employees maintain your company’s brand image no matter where they are located or what device they use to join a meeting. Because it syncs across a user’s mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, you can keep one single business identity and phone number consistent and separate from personal contact information.
  • In addition to using RingCentral Meetings on your computer, you can also use it on any mobile device, including iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ phones and tablets.
  • Join or host an online meeting wherever you are: at the airport, at home, or on the go. All you need is broadband wired or wireless internet access with 3G or better connectivity.
  • Join meetings from the car completely hands-free by enabling Safe Driving Mode. This feature disables video, plays audio through your device’s speaker, and mutes your microphone so other participants won’t know you’re in a car.
  • Any participant in an online meeting can collaborate on shared content using annotation tools from iPhone or iPad.

Get comprehensive savings with high ROI.

  • Eliminate the cost and complications of having to use a separate online meetings service. RingCentral Meetings is included with most RingCentral Office editions—along with voice, fax, and conferencing features.
  • With the ability to conduct meetings with participants across the globe, your organisation can reduce travel expenses.
  • Local dial-in numbers are provided for more than 40 countries, so international participants can join or host an online meeting without incurring international charges.


Online meetings FAQs:

How many participants can I have in a meeting?

  • You can hold large meetings with up to 50 participants with the RingCentral Office Enterprise edition. For smaller meetings, you can choose the Premium edition, with 25 people per meeting, or the Standard edition, with 4 people per meeting.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no additional cost for this feature. RingCentral Meetings is included with Enterprise, Premium, and Standard editions of RingCentral Office.

Who can join my meetings?

  • Anyone you invite can join your meetings, as long as he or she has a supported device—a Mac or Windows computer, an iPhone or iPad, or Android tablets and smartphones. Participants do not need to be RingCentral customers to join a meeting. However, only RingCentral users can host meetings.

What audio options do I have when I use a computer?

  • Each time you join a meeting, you can choose to call from a desk phone or conference phone—or, you can use your computer’s microphone and speakers to access the audio.

What audio options do I have when I use my mobile device?

  • The Dial In option allows you to use your mobile minutes, and the Call via Device Audio option allows you to use your phone’s data if Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Can I record meetings?

  • Yes. The host can record online meetings on a Windows or Mac computer for later review or sharing. The host can also grant permission to any participant to record the meeting.