RingCentral Office

RingCentral for Salesforce®

Seamless integration between your RingCentral phone system and Salesforce CRM.

RingCentral Salesforce integration

Benefits of RingCentral for Salesforce:

Complete cloud-based app.

  • Use your browser on any platform (Windows®, Mac®);
    no software installation is needed.
  • Make or receive calls through the RingCentral phone system, directly from your account within Salesforce.
  • Click to dial any phone number on your Salesforce1 Mobile App and initiate a call using your RingCentral mobile app.

Increase call efficiency.

  • With simple click-to-dial from within Salesforce, you can spend more time servicing clients and less time dialing.
  • Save time by eliminating misdials.
  • Maintain your professional identity when initiating calls from the Salesforce1 Mobile App with your business phone number.

Drive organisational collaboration.

  • View multiple call records in separate windows.
  • Easily collaborate within Salesforce using call records and RingCentral call management.
  • Extend the capabilities of your phone system to include integration with the Salesforce1 App.

Enhance customer interaction.

  • Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing contact records, which are automatically displayed.
  • Take notes while on a call and they'll be saved automatically.

RingCentral for Salesforce FAQs:

Do I need to install any software to make this app work?

  • This app runs entirely in the cloud, therefore no software is required for users. Simply follow the instructions provided in the Administrator Guide to configure the settings in Salesforce.
  • You can use the app with any RingCentral endpoint, including a desk phone, the RingCentral mobile app, or the RingCentral Desktop app. To view the user guide, click here.

How does the app work?

  • The app runs in your Salesforce account, and uses any RingCentral endpoint (desk phone, mobile app, desktop app, etc.) for dialing and call handling.
  • You can call contacts from within Salesforce by simply clicking on the contact’s phone number.
  • For incoming calls, the app automatically brings up any matching contact record.
  • You can log notes during or after call, and work multiple interactions on separate tabs.
  • Detailed reporting on calls is also available within Salesforce.

What do I need to use the app?

  • You must have a Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited edition.
  • You need to be running Windows XP or later or Mac OS® X Mountain Lion or later.
  • iOS and Android operating systems require that the RingCentral mobile app is installed on the same mobile device as the Salesforce1 App.